Congressman Flake Issues Statement on Shooting of Border Patrol Agents in Naco, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona – Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today issued the following statement on the shooting of two border patrol agents, one who was killed and the other wounded, near the Brian Terry Station in the Tucson Sector of Border Patrol:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the agents’ families at this difficult time,” said Flake. “Violence along Arizona’s border cannot be tolerated by the federal government any longer. The federal government must commit the necessary resources to secure the border, because that’s simply not happening right now.”



  1. Too little, too late, Jeffy. Your amnesty addiction has helped fuel the fire that encourages illegals to cross our borders without consequence and now we have lost another fine man. You are such a hypocrite. This life-long Republican is voting for Carmona. At least we’ll have a chance to defeat him in 6 years. If Flake wins we’ll be stuck with him for years.

    • Reality Check says

      Last time Republicans used that all or nothing faulty logic, Arizona ended up stuck with Liberal Democrat Dennis DeConcini for 18 years.

      • Conservative American says

        And the last time Republicans ran an amnesty-supporting flip-flopper for president, America ended up stuck with B. Hussein Obama for 4 years!

        Have a nice day, Liberal Check! 🙂

      • Hey, Realty Check…you need to study history more. DeConcini was a flawed candidate in 1988, involved in both the Keating Five scandal and the Panama Canal giveaway. He was very vulnerable but sadly his opponent Keith De Green had little financial support from the Republican Party, thinking he had no chance. However, the polls in September showed DeConcini dropping some 38 pojnts and suddenly De Green caught on. Had the moribund Arizona Republican Party invested in De Green, DeConcini would have not had a third term.

        Also, De Concini only won his first term because of the vitriolic internecine warfare between Sam Steiger and Jon Conlin in the Republican Party primary in 1976.

        • Reality Check says

          “Had the moribund Arizona Republican Party invested in De Green, DeConcini would have not had a third term.”

          All this proves is my point that it is difficult to defeat even flawed Senate incumbents, especially in Arizona. Arizona has only had 10 US Senators since statehood. And do you think the Arizona Republican Party is really any less moribund now than 1988 or that it will be in 6 years?

          “Also, De Concini only won his first term because of the vitriolic internecine warfare between Sam Steiger and Jon Conlin in the Republican Party primary in 1976.”

          Bingo. What do you think the idiots on here are doing?

          • Conservative American says

            You’re the only “idiot” here, Liberal Check. I don’t know, what are you doing, LOL! 🙂

  2. Old McFlake voted against any bill that would stem the flow of illegals. He is part of the problem, he has never been part of the solution except in his mind by giving the illegal invaders Amnesty or supproting the Dream Act.

    • Reality Check says

      Any bill. That is demonstrably false.

      • Conservative American says

        You are demonstrably false, Liberal Check! 😉

        • Reality Check says

          The facts are on my side sir.

          You are demonstrably supporting Democrats, opposing Republican and Conservative education reform, and attacking Conservative Republicans.

          • Conservative American says

            Bwahahahaha! You wouldn’t know a fact if it bit you on your Liberal ass, LOL! 🙂

            What kind of “education reform” was that? “Conservative”, you say? Really?

            “Obama Calls for Big Education Reforms – More Charter Schools, Longer School Year”

            “Part of the administration’s educational reforms also include plans to close the poorest performing 5 percent of schools in the nation, turning some of them into charter schools.”

            “There’s no silver bullets here,” the president said. However, he said, “There are some charters that have figured out how to do a very good job. What we’ve got to do is look at the success of these schools and find out how do we duplicate them… What I’m interested in … is fostering these laboriteies of excellence.”


            “Duncan Promotes Charter School Debate”

            “By MARY BRUCE
            July 3, 2009″

            “The schools specialize in math, science or the arts. Some are Afro-centric, others are religious. They are publicly funded but operate independently of local schools boards and, often, teacher unions.”

            “They all make up the growing charter school movement that the Obama administration would like to see flourish.”

            “The charter movement is absolutely one of the most profound changes in American education, bringing new options to underserved communities and introducing competition and innovation into the education system,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan told attendees at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ annual conference last week.”


            Now thems is facts, Son!

            Have a nice day, Liberal Check! 🙂

  3. Conservative American says


    B. Hussein Obama just implemented the DREAM Act amnesty by dictatorial decree. That’s because Republicans would not vote for it even though the Democrats tried to pass it more that 20 times! If Jeff Flake had his way though, the DREAM Act would be law today!

    Flake’s STRIVE Act, co-authored with Chicago “progressive” Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez and co-sponsored by then U. S. Congressman Rahm Emanuel, contained hidden within it the DREAM Act! Yes, the same DREAM Act, word for word, that Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and B. Hussein Obama have tried more than 20 times to get to pass in Congress!

    In Flake’s statement above, he doesn’t speak to amnesty. He speaks to securing the border. This is always what amnesty supporters talk about when they want to hide the fact that they support amnesty. This should come as no surprise as Flake is a self-admitted liar!

    When Flake first ran for Congress he pledged to voters that he would serve only 3 terms. When he ran for a fourth term and was asked about the pledge he had made to voters, Flake stated, “I lied.”

    What are you lying about to us this time around, Congressman Flake?

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