Rep. David Schweikert, Arizona’s principled maverick, gets booted from critical committee

Wow! This interesting news coming out of Washington, D.C. Our very own Congressman David Schweikert is losing critical positions on committees because he’s too conservative on fiscal issues. Sound familiar? The same thing happened to Congressman Jeff Flake who was ahead of his time on earmarks.

Now would be a very good time to contact Speaker John Boehner and the Financial Services Committee and give them a piece of your mind. Be respectful, of course.

Politico:  Schweikert kicked off Financial Services Committee
This morning Congressman Schweikert learned there was a price to be paid for voting based on principle. That price was the removal from the House Financial Services Committee. 

The Hill: Schweikert dropped from Financial Services panel

Red State: The Purge of House Conservatives Continues
Maybe it’s because he’s intent on repealing Dodd-Frank.  Maybe it’s because he wants to use his committee assignment to advocate winding down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Perhaps it’s because of his opposition to the $1 trillion farm bill.  Maybe it’s because he’s just too darn conservative to sit on an important committee.

Roll Call: Schweikert Booted from Financial Services Committee 
GOP leadership has removed Rep. David Schweikert from his spot on the Financial Services Committee for bucking the party line too often.  A person close to the situation said Schweikert was told that “his votes were not in lock step with leadership” as the reason for his ouster.

National Journal: Recalcitrant Republicans Lose Committee Spots
House Republican leaders, especially McCarthy, have been hamstrung by their relative lack of leverage over their own members. While whips in previous years have been able to wield influence over pet projects in a given member’s district, the lack of earmarks in this Congress has robbed party leaders of a stick to go along with a carrot to encourage falling in line.

Committee assignments are one of the few goodies left at leadership’s disposal. Robbing these three members of their committee slots can’t be explained away as something done to accommodate incoming freshmen.

Having known David Schweikert for 20 years, this will be a huge mistake for House leadership. David is known to be one of the smartest guys in Congress when it comes to fiscal issues.


  1. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    Every Republican in the country should be up in arms about this very aggressive move against fiscal sanity. Everyone should be encouraged to call their Congressmen and express a desire to see the entire House Leadership replaced.
    Calling Boehner’s office is fine, but making two calls is ten times better.

  2. LEO IN TSN says

    Contact your R-representative and tell him to GET RID OF BOEHNER. If you moved here from another state, contact the representative in your old district and tell him too

    Boehner is an arrogant RINO, and is completely bullet-proof in his liberal, brain-dead Ohio district. He hates conservatives and takes every opportunity to show it (“Paul Ryan is not the leader of Republicans”) He does everything he can to hamstring conservative efforts.

    When the Tea Party House of 2010 took office, Boehner immediately announced to the media that “HE WOULD GIVE OBAMAO AN INCREASE IN THE DEBT CEILING” and by golly he did, in complete disregard of the wishes of conservatives.

    He is a career DC elitist who will snuggle with anyone except a conservative. He is killing the Republican effort to save US. GET RID OF BOEHNER.

    God bless America.

  3. RussellPearceWatch says

    Boehner won’t take calls from people outside of Ohio. He won’t read your email messages either. He only “listens” to constituents according to his canned responses to my attempts to call him. I protested what he did to Flake years ago. Now he has done it to Schweikert! It is enfuriating.

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says

      R. P. W.
      I suggested calling one’s own Congressperson for that very reason. The canned response to non constituent correspondence is to say that do to workload only constituent emails etc can be answered. It has happened to me many times, mostly from Lindsey Graham.

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