Congressional Staff Salaries

There’s a new website up that’s causing quite a ruckus on Capitol Hill. now provides the salary information of Congressional staffers. This should also cause quite a controversy at home as we find out if these people are worth their weight, especially in the area of constituent services. What may also be interesting is whether Dems pay their staffers differently than Republicans. I’m sure we’ll have some hearty discussions here! 


  1. Gee – they’re getting rich aren’t they?

    $30,000 for the district director.

    Guess that’s what happens when you don’t take money from Abramoff or set up your own PAC to collect extra money and pay it to your wife like Hayworth.

  2. Another interesting point – Jon Kyl pays Hank Kenski more ($55,000/year) to be his Southern Region Director than Hillary Clinton pays her State Director ($47,000/year).

    So much for the theory of the Democrats being big spenders eh?

  3. “So much for the theory of the Democrats being big spenders eh?” – Wow! – pull out one staffer salary comparison… neglect context, qualifications, seniority, etc. and draw a universal conclusion. A textbook example of overgeneralization.

  4. Here’s a sample of those on the Kolbe payroll:

  5. Keep in mind that these numbers are for quarters only and not a full year.

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