Congressional leaders calling for Napolitano’s resignation

The Chicago Daily Observer is already speculating that she may be fired, in an article entitled “First Hired, First Fired?”

Napolitano has continued her embarrassing gaffes since getting appointed to DHS Chief, most recently erroneously saying that some of the 9-11 terrorists came through Canada. From an article entitled “Napolitano’s comments about Canadian border spark diplomatic kerfuffle:

“Napolitano’s remarks in an interview earlier this week have angered some Canadians and prompted Michael Wilson, the normally reserved Canadian ambassador to the United States, to forcefully set the record straight.
A Canadian MP in attendance said he was alarmed by some of Napolitano’s comments.
“If you are in fact negotiating a managed border, and your negotiating partner believes a set of mythology, then you have problems … you try to work on the basis of fact, not on the basis of myth,” said Liberal John McKay, flanked by Conservative counterpart Bev Shipley.
McKay, of the Toronto-area Scarborough-Guildwood riding, disputed Napolitano’s insistence that Canada is more lax about the people it allows into the country.
“It’s just plain nonsense; it is so far removed from my own personal experience,” he said.
In Ottawa, RCMP Commissioner William Elliott said Napolitano’s comments were unfortunate.
“I was a bit surprised and somewhat disappointed that the secretary isn’t better informed,” he said.

And about the Congressmen calling for her resignation –

Conservative House Republicans are calling on their leaders to ask President Obama for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s resignation.

And GOP Conference Secretary John Carter (Texas) became the first member of leadership to call for the secretary’s resignation, saying Wednesday that Napolitano should be removed or resign.

“No search or arrest warrant should ever be issued on the pure speculative grounds contained in the DHS report, and this report should never have been issued either. The fact that it was, coupled with Secretary Napolitano’s failure to issue an unqualified retraction and apology, displays a level of contempt for a healthy democracy that demands she be removed from office immediately,” the judge of 20 years said.

Conservative House GOPs think Napolitano should resign because of the release of a report that singled out conservatives as “right-wing terrorists,” according to several GOP lawmakers.

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We agree. She continues to embarrass Arizona more and more on the national scene. She’s gotta go.


  1. NO! NO! NO!

    We DONT want Janet Napolitano fired because she will come back to Arizona and probably run against McCain!

    Let’s try to keep her chained to a desk in Washington, D.C.

    D.C.’s gain is Arizona’s gain!

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