Congratulations – Now to the work

Congratulations to Bruce Ash on your election as National Committeeman.  You have are uniquely positioned to make a defining difference.  Chairman Pullen has been doing a fantastic job over the first four months in spite of unjustified personal attacks.  Your strong support of his leadership is important as we look to the future.

Four things each of us can do: 

First, do not give the RNC a dime while they support amnesty under the leadership of Pres. Bush and Mel Martinez.   Instead, contribute as much as you can to the State Party, your County and Legislative District, because they actually are representing the grass roots. 

Second, contact your Republican state legislators.  Ask them to get financial support for the State Party through their contacts.  Call, fax and e-mail them and tell them you support the State Party and ask them to work with Chairman Pullen to elect a veto-proof legislature in next year’s elections. 

Third, Bush is meeting with GOP Senators today trying to resurrect the amnesty bill.  Call, fax AND E-mail TODAY as many Senators who voted against Cloture as you can and tell them you were, are, and will be opposed to this bill. Ask them to Kill the Bill!

Fourth, there are two initiatives, Legal Arizona Workers and Support our Law Enforcement.  Get petitions TODAY, get them filled this week – any registered voter can sign – and place them on the ballot next year.  We can control the number of illegals here by drying up illegal hiring and eliminating Sanctuary Cities. 

Speak Your Mind


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