Committee to Retire McCain 2010

October, 2008; Arizona Republic: The national Rasmussen Reports has McCain with 51 percent to Obama’s 46.

“I have to tell you. Sen. Obama is a decent person and a person you don’t have to be scared of as president of the United States,”  John McCain

…better known as the famous McCain straight-talk line, “I was for it before I was against it and, I’ll be for it again once I’m re-elected.”


MIKE WALLACE: … let me ask you for some straight talk. Do you think that Senator Obama is a socialist?

MCCAIN: I think his plans are redistribution of the wealth. He said it himself, “We need to spread the wealth around.”

MIKE WALLACE: But, Senator, you voted for the $700 billion bailout that’s being used partially to nationalize American banks. Isn’t that socialism?

MCCAIN: Of course. It was a package that had to be enacted because the economy was about to go into the tank.

… or how about this delightful gem;

LARRY KING: Senator, there was a part of the speech — I wonder if you enjoyed it — when he [the President] criticized the Supreme Court for overturning portions of McCain/Feingold, your treasured legislation. How did you react to that?

MCCAIN: Well, obviously, I agreed with the president.

… and here’s an excerpt from the outrageous ad’s he’s running in Arizona;

[Disconbobulated vaguely soothing and threatening voice:] Perhaps no battle in our lifetime is more vital than the one John McCain fights now: a battle to save America… John McCain leads the charge to slash government spending, bloated bureaucracies, and ridiculously unaffordable ideas like government-run health care.

[Senator McCain:] “President Obama is leading an extreme left-wing crusade to bankrupt America. I stand in his way everyday. If I get a bruise or two knocking some sense into heads in Washington, so be it. I’ll keep fighting for … Arizona as long as I’m in the Senate.”

Here’s a fun challenge, dig into the past and lets find all those little McCainisms proving how often he changes his political stripes and how he’s NOT TO BE TRUSTED.



  1. How can we get on the committee:)?

  2. You shouldn’t make fun of the elderly. He can’t help it if he gets confused.

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    Maybe they can number the talking points for him or Cindy can hand him one card at a time.

  4. Stay classy!

  5. Send the Sonoran Alliance to Sonora….

  6. Straight Talk huh?? says

    “… you don’t have to be scared of as president”

    “… I stand in his way everyday”

    Which is it Johnny?

  7. I didn’t know who Obama was until he showed up asa newly minted US Senator in Kenya, running thru US taxpayer dollars on a narcissist victory lap thru a place he hardly knows, and worse, hanging about avowed communist Odinga who was runnign for preseident. Odinga unleased a bloodbath in Kenya when he lost, staggering in its viciousness.

    Had to believe the difference between the Obama of Kenya and the Obama of the fawning US media, and how either uniformed or naive McCain was when he pompously said that.

  8. Screw the retirement, just fire the guy in August!

  9. McCain has worked the system to his own ends and created unnecessary chaos. He will continue to deceive us! He will eat constituents who do not agree with him.

    McCain supported: $700 billion stimulus; TARP bailout; $25 billion auto bailout; $300 billion mortgage bailout; $85 billion AIG bailout. With taxpayer “friends” like this, who needs Demorats?

    McCain and Kyl have stuck it to the real workers of the Party for so long that it’s time for them to get a spoon full of their own nasty medicine. We have never had a viable candidate run against him before. Now it’s time for a real Primary. Bye, John. Thanks for all you’ve done.

  10. Why aren’t McCain’s ads telling everyone about all the earmarks that were in the bailouts and stimulus money? His ads are so dishonest.

  11. Hayworthless says

    Spend-happy J.D. was more than willing to help out Abramoff when he needed some help. It’s this kind of coziness with K Street that led to the ethics reforms.

    McCain fought earmarks and exposes the wasteful spending that J.D. would be again voting ‘aye’ to if given the chance. That’s a mistake the GOP should not make again.

  12. What about the earmarks in the bailouts?

  13. Blogs like this do nothing to help the party.

    Why are you guys constantly posting articles and blogs with clear bias? It’s not even the bias that is bothersome, it’s the vile hatred some of these post spew.

    It seems like any opportunity to tear down a fellow Republican or conservative gets prime billing on this site. And here I thought we our opponents were the Democrats…

    Come on guys… Don’t make enemies of the people who are fighting for us every day. Have some respect.

  14. AZGOPgal:
    I’m sure you sent McCain an email letting him know you didn’t approve of him tearing down a fellow Republican.

  15. Stephen Kohut says

    McCain loves to do the Kerry flip-flop, “I was against is before I was for it or was that I was for it before I was against it?” I spent hours on the phone with McCain’s DC staff in December and was told repeatedly that he wanted to improve and pass healthcare reform until, that is, Dec 22 when I was told he was always against it.

    in a face to face meeting earlier this month I tried to ask McCain about his actions on healthcare referencing his staff mantra throughout December. He called me a liar to my face. That what I said his staff had told me was not true. After the brew-ha-ha was over other PC’s at the meeting walked up and told me that they had also talked to his DC staff around the same time I had and were also told consistently that he wanted to improve and pass HC until, that is, just before the 12/24 cloture vote.

    It is the job of the people to hold our elected officials accoutable. If it seems to some that folks come across as disrespectful remember that respect is given when earned and warrented. I have seen nothing from McCain that would earn my respect.

  16. Wow, these posts are from some very ill informed Americans. It is sad that the mainstream media has gotten ahold of you and not exposed you to the truth. McCain knows what is happening to the deficit and is standing in the way of more spending (whether it is a poorly proposed health care plan or another big run, big spending govt)so that our children and grandchildren are not forced into a financial mess they cannot dig themselves out of. STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DO NOT HAVE OBAMA! Thank you McCain for standing up for the generations to come! I’ll take that experience any day!

  17. Stephen, since when is fighting for this Nation undeserving of respect? Not to mention McCains constant effectiveness in Congress fighting against Obama’s attempt to take over healthcare and the entire economy? That equals respect in my terms!

  18. McCain has never stuck it to the members of his party. He deserves much admiration for standing up for what is right in America and it may not always be far to the right, but IT IS RIGHT!

  19. Oberserve aka Pseudo DeAnn says

    Someone has taken my name. I’m DeAnn.

  20. ……………………
    AZGOPgal Says:
    February 2nd, 2010 at 12:31 pm
    Blogs like this do nothing to help the party.

    Why are you guys constantly posting articles and blogs with clear bias?

    Uh, because of this front page reader alert:

    “About the Site: Sonoran Alliance: Arizona Politics, News, Commentary and Information with a Blatantly Conservative Worldview”

    A lot more honest than TIME magazine which claims it doesn’t possibly have a bias as it puts Obama on the cover for the 68th time.

    Nobody here wastes their private enterprise time posting gratiuitously on, say Daily KOS or HuffPo for the purpose of enlightening them that they’re all stupid.

  21. DeAnn – I absolutely did.

  22. Veritas Vincit says

    Three reasons to retire McCain:
    1) Amnesty … and he hasn’t lost sight of his goal.
    2) Cap-n-Trade … if that isn’t reason enough to send him home.
    3) Campaign Finance reform … that un-Constitutional thing he worked so hard with Kennedy on.

    Face it, McCain is NO Republican. He’s whatever looks good to voters just before election time.

    He hasn’t stopped Obama’s health care, McCain is waiting to spring his own version that’ll cost *almost* as much as Obama’s.

    McCain is Obama lite. Where Obama is taking this country, McCain would have taken it too … only at a much less rate of “CHANGE”.

    If we sound like we hate McCain, its because he’s betrayed us so many times since 2000 that we’ve lost count.

    Send the old man home! Anyone is better than McSame.

  23. VoiceInTheWild says

    Perhaps Sen. McCain would do well to retire and take inventory of the 20-30 homes he has in the inventory. He could spend time and meet all the neighbors and enjoy being an elder statesman.
    I think Sen. McCain has served our nation with pride. But all good things must come to an end and if I were him, after a quarter century of public service, plus the Navy thing, I’d get in the Straight Talk bus and go live life. It would be a hit at the KOA campgrounds!

  24. CoyotePack says

    Unfortunately, one could probably dig up examples of flip-flopping for every Congressman/woman out there…it’s called politics. It’s easy for us to make judgements when we’re not being asked to make difficult decisions for our country. Why McCain wants to continue to be judged, ripped apart and spit on by the very people he serves and fought so hard to protect America’s freedom for, I’ll never understand. But McCain will get my vote once again because I know the man has integrity.

  25. Stephen Kohut says

    McRINO and the Senate GOP was spineless in “stopping” healthcare. Read Sen. Gregg’s 12/1/09 Minority Rights Memo sent to all the GOP Senators. Google it and read it. Read my RedState posting on how McRINO and Sen. Minority Wimp Kyl “fought” so hard for us. You will find out that McCain and the GOP did not even begin to avail themselves of what they could have done. If they had done everything they could the Dem’s would still be reading the bill and its amendments until after Presidents Day.

    In his service as my Senator McCain’s has most certainly not earned my respect. He has stabbed countless conservative Republicans in the back. Worked with the other side of the aisle so many times he must be Harry Reid’s bridge partner by now. John stands up for one and only one thing, John McCain.

    When he lost to 2000 Presidential primary he almost went over to the Democratic Party. In 2004 he was almost the Democratic candidate for VP. In 2008 Joe Liberman was who he wanted for VP and the party balked. If that is a good Republican then so was Arlan Specter.

    John has as much integrity as a snake and deserves his reputation as McNasty. I have seen from within the GOP his crap first hand with the “Victory Arizona Plan” and then the tempest in a tea pot attempt of accusing Randy Pullen and Tim Lee with FEC violations and cooking the books. The Victory Plan was stopped. The FEC and accounting irregularity charges were unfounded.So, Integrity? About as much as Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon or Dan Rostenkowski.

    While McCain does seem to have enough money to pay for staff to blog here money won’t buy John the primary.

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