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With rare exception do I turn the comments off on a post. Usually to prevent someone from taking a shot at an elected official’s family member or when one group of sophomoric Republicans take shots at another group of sophomoric Republicans. The general rule here on Sonoran Alliance is if you post something, you better be willing to defend your post. With that said, I’m going to open this post up to comments…


  1. Are you looking for comments on this post about comments or comments on the hit piece on Horne? The comments are still off on that post.

  2. Yes, why “NO COMMENTS ALLOWED” on Horne hit piece? Because you want control of the conversation and no other reason possible. “We say Horne stinks and that’s final!” hmmm…

    Horne needs a staffer who spends her days blogging too.

  3. Your entire write-up did NOT surprise! From the get go Horne hath tooteth his mouth into one blunder after another. Skirting into the rule (law) breaking arena plays right into his game plan of no-brainers. AG for AZ? Bah! Humbug!

  4. I don’t get it. Isn’t that what all politicians do? Is Horne’s crime the fact that he made it explicit?

  5. Guys, it looks like DSW is saying the post wasn’t his, though he hosts the blog. The writer of the Horne piece turned off the comments, and DSW is merely opening another post with comments open.

    I didn’t read the Horne post, it was too long.

  6. I would love dsw to explain ever turning off comments… We just comment on other posts that have the comments on to say what we want to say as other people are doing here. So to me it never accompishes anything…

  7. We already know this is the Goldwater Institute blog… and now we know who they and DSW is supporting for the GOP nomination for state AG.

  8. I guess we know WHO DSW and the Goldwater Institute blog isn’t supporting for state AG…

  9. I’d like to know who Ron is referring to when he says “we.” There is a lot on this blog that makes Goldwater cringe.

  10. While i don’t support Horne for AG, i found the post below way over the top, to the point of being slanderous. I mean really, does anybody really believe “Liberty Torch” knows if there is an FBI investigation? Highly suspect.

    All Andy needs to do is tell us how he will crack down on illegal immigration, stop the drug dealers, and enforce the law and he will beat the former Democrat Horne.

    This post appears to be put together by one of Andy’s people reminds me of the SCA stuff they did, over the top for no good reason.

    It just turns people off, me included.

  11. PHX Conservative says

    I agree with NOTforREAL in that this stuff turns people off. I mean, an entire page that is anti-Horne??? Rediculous. Then no Horne supporters are given the opportunity to defend the man???? Pretty one-sided. I hope this does not continue in the future or I will probably not read this blog any longer.

  12. Who cares if he turns off comments? It’s his dang blog. If you’re a “conservative” then you know
    a) that “free speech” comes from the first amendment. Read it. It doesn’t protect free speech in a private forum.
    b) its the right of any private property owner, which is someone who owns or leases – in this case per TOS – a property to do whatever the h*ll he wants with that property as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else materially.
    If you dont like it start your OWN blog.

  13. DSW does not control the posts of all contributors. Only his. He could…he chooses not to. I would suspect, this is the way he is allowing his contributor to do what they wish with their post, but allow commentary for the Horne hit piece to be opened.

    Whoever “Liberty Torch” is, he/she did no favors to the other AG candidates and made him/herself look pretty sad in the process. If he/she comes out openly supporting someone for the job, then we will know just who the efforts were aimed at helping. Huge misfire.

    A lengthy post doing everything possible to discredit Horne on a blog, a blog known for the commentary from readers, with no commentary allowed…says couple of things. First, there is serious concern the statements could be refuted and second…no one else matters.

  14. I have to say that the post on Horne was pretty poor and strikes me as a one sided hit piece for Thomas. What were the main points? 1) Horne fund-raised using a perfectly legal if somewhat unseemly tactic that upon criticism he willingly rescinded. 2) He drives to fast in a state riddled with speed traps. 3) Some teachers in Arizona are jackasses and despite being provided with a nice conference atmosphere went out for drinks rather than to training classes. 4) He criticized the Goldwater Institute. 5) Someone who works for him made a mistake in the past.

    Are these really worth such an ‘expose’? I like the Goldwater Institute but the pick fights and should expect criticism back, his quote was nastier than necessary but like all of these indictments don’t warrant this kind of attention.

    Don’t forget that despite having one of the lowest levels of education funding in the country, our students test about average, as a return on our dismal investment that’s pretty good.

    If this blog wants to champion Andy Thomas, a man who has been at the forefront of REAL scandals and illegal actions of his own making then they should at the very least stick to what they think would be policy differences or competence arguments rather than just throwing garbage at Horne to see what they think.

    Just my thoughts.

  15. Turning comments off only shows that the writer cannot support the validity of his claims. Some of these items may be worth finding out more information as a group, instead we are left with a very political, drive-by attack advertisement on a forum that is meant for real discussion.

    I feel like I am reading something in the Arizona Republic. It is biased, incomplete, and was mostly a personal attack. Does Horne’s vehicle speed really affect his ability to be Superintendant of Education, or AG for that matter?

  16. Conservative Thinker says

    As a long time fan of this blog, I hate to say that I was very disappointed by how one-sided this Horne post was.

  17. First off big H/T to DSW for turning the comments on or adding this post etc. Upstanding good move.

    “Everyone knows that Deputy County Attorney Rachel Alexander,Alicia,Capn whatever the hell she calls her self from hour to hour is Thomas’ Hit Man on all these blogs. She along with Jason Rose spread rumors and innuendo about their opponents. Blogging is fine as long as its not done on the taxpayers dollars.”

  18. First off Big H/T to DSW for creating this post with comments. Upstanding Good Move.

    “Everyone knows that Deputy County Attorney Rachel Alexander,Alicia,Capn or whatever she calls herself this hour is Thomas’ Hit Man on all these blogs. She along with Jason Rose spread rumors and innuendo about their opponents. Blogging is fine as long as its not done on the taxpayers dollars.”

  19. Did not intend to double post there. Sorry people.

  20. Neither Alexander nor Rose posted the prior post. I suggest you visit Intellectual Conservative or Jason Rose’s websites if you want to read what Alexander or Rose have to say.

  21. Jason (Paul Bentz from High Ground),

    What staffer are you referring to who blogs? Fill us in please.


  22. The Horne post was pretty boring until the ending part about Carmen Chenal and Margaret Dugan. Are these women Horne had affairs with or something? Did Horne actually hire Ms. Chenal “knowing about all her problems” with the State Bar? Seems hard to believe. The post links to a New Times webpage but I don’t see anything there about Chenal much less the quotes in the post.

    Does anyone know more about this??? If the story about Chenal is real then why hasn’t it be published in the Arizona Republic???

  23. Hey Wondering…why not just ask if Horne has stopped beating his wife.

    This is sick!

  24. The “wink and a nudge” allegations about the women are despicable and completely ad hominem attacks. The fact that they are anonymous shows the poster is the lowest form of a coward. An apology is due to those who have been slandered and SA’s management should be ashamed for dealing in this kind of dirt. You are talking about real people, not abstract cartoons. No wonder politics is held in such low regard. If this is what passes for political debate at SA, then SA is the internet equivalent of the sewer.

  25. Don’t blame politics for having higher standards of behavior than other professions. David Letterman suffers zip from his industry for his promiscuity. Pro sports? C’mon. Only for roles that have true power do people seem to prefer honest and reliable individuals over cheaters and their decadence.

    That being said, there is much more to lose (because your opponent has much more to gain) by having a less than impeccable reputation, sexual or otherwise. Ad hominem attacks are not logical fallacies in politics. And sometimes, sex is all people talk about because the budget and tax policy is just so boring.

  26. I did have a conversation with the writer of the prior post and asked that any future posts do have comments turned on so we can have a discussion about what was written. As I mentioned, I turn comments off if a piece is extremely sensitive (the death of someone) or if a family member of a political person is personally attacked. Recently, I turned comments off on a post while I had to check the accuracy of the post. I still haven’t heard back from the people who I need the confirmation from. Basically, if someone writes something and puts it out there, they should be willing to defend it. I’m not about chilling someone’s speech but I do reserve that right especially since this not a government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded blog. Hope that clarifies everything.

    And I did extend an invitation to Tom Horne’s people to respond to the prior post. I will be glad to post something on their behalf.

  27. Apparently the alleged teacher boondoggle was overblown – here’s a story from a conservative Tucson business newspaper on the subject:

    I liked the part about ABC filming a buffet with an ice sculpture which wasn’t even connected with the teacher’s conference. Nice work!

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