Comments Anyone?

Recently, I’ve had a few requests to disable comments on some of the Sonoran Alliance posts.

This runs against my nature as a conservative who believes that debate is good even if liberals get in on the action.

So I’m going to resist the request to shut off comments because if I have to turn them off for one post, I have to turn them off for all posts. However, I will reserve the right to moderate comments that are libelous or just downright nasty.

I’d like to have your feedback on shutting off comments so feel free to let your voice be heard.


  1. Grumpy Gus says

    Asking you to disable comments is itself ungentlemanly. And pretty self-serving. And a request that probably comes from people who are presented in a less-than-stellar way in the original posts. Yeah, go ahead and kill the messenger.

    Please do continue to moderate the comments and save us all the time of scanning through the idiotic and thoughtless entries, whether liberal or conservative.

  2. Making Cuts says

    If you cut back on some of the people who were able to post under the SA banner or perhaps had some standards and practices, you would probably cut back on the flame wars that happen around here.

  3. Amen to Making Cuts. When the credibility of the postings matches some of the comments, then we can talk.

    I know you’re more honorable than the shills at Seeing Red, but I beg you don’t filter the good back and forth. I am as conservative as they come and I just can’t take that site anymore. Even if you’re a full blooded Republican, if your comment is not in lockstep, it gets moderated. It’s healthy to have dialogue. If all we do is listen to ourselves, no one will be there to tell us why we screwed up and lost all of our power (which I pray never happens).

  4. keep ’em coming…it’s truly the key to any blog as it makes it lively. Sometimes, it opens up new thoughts or views. Occasionally, a doofus or two steps in it or accidently says something useful 🙂

  5. Antifederalist says

    I’ll agree with Gayle. If you cut off comments, you’ll kill the blog. People come to read AND comment. If there’s no commenting, SA becomes little better than a tiny, web-based, slanted newspaper…and newspapers are going the way of the dodo.

  6. As a Democrat who occasionally comments on your blog, I sincerely applaud your efforts to keep it an open and respectful forum. SA has had the good sense in the past to delete hateful comments from posters of all ideological stripes that were nothing but baseless, ugly personal attacks. Those are the only type of comment that should be “shut off.”

  7. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Don’t turn into Seeing Red. It’s not worth it just to eliminate opposition. You have always had support to delete libelous or offensive posts.

    I don’t always agree with you, but if you want a fair and balanced public forum, then you are as close to that as we may be able to get.

    Those who blog with “my ideas” while shutting off any opposing viewpoints are not worth reading to begin with. Keep the high level of integrity you have, even if your ideas may not coincide with mine from time to time.

  8. Steve Calabrese says

    I still think Sonoran Alliace should go to the slashdot model where users can have their own accounts OR post anonymously, and other users can then moderate those comments up or down.

  9. nightcrawler says

    I would agree that without comments the blog becomes less than useful. Half the fun of logging on to this site is reading the comments. A lot can be learned from reading the comments alone.

    I need to defend Seeing Red. I am an unapologetic GOP moderate. I have posted over there for quite some time and have shall we say, taken a different stance on several issues. They have always treated me fair. The don’t agree with what I say, but they allow me to say it.

  10. Well nightcrawler, then you have had better treatment than I have encountered at SR. I have had comments held for moderation that never made the post and my support for Lisa James and Sen. McCain have labeled me a RINO, despite my true beliefs and actions.

    I am aware of others who also have had comments held that where against the grain of the SR mainstream.

    So to the point of the post, keep the comments open. Have a standard and stick to it. Decent language and all accusations should have back-up…no anonymous flame-throwing unless you have the goods to support it.

  11. I.P. Freely says

    Keep the comments open. I’m still lurking here………..

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