Code Blues? Give Liberty Its Due

by Gayle Plato

After the Code Blue rallies, protesting Obamacare and the sweeping costs, many may decide that none of this citizen activism matters. It feels hopeless in view of the crazy designs by liberal architects.  But remember the men and women who face battle every day as soldiers; remember the freedom-loving young people dying in the streets of Tehran.  Remember that all honest underdogs feel the desperation of lost cause just before the win.  It’s lonely and deflating; especially when dripping under the Arizona Sun.  Know though, that each voice deserves it’s sound, words of limitation rise up to a collective guttural yowl of STOP.  Success is in the numbers: tracked conservatively, 2000 people across 14 congressional offices, during one of hottest days of the year. Running full steam ahead makes sense.
Freedom is NOT about running amok; it’s about choosing a path, choosing to walk the less traveled road, or to take the beaten path. Freedom is about personal best not group think; it’s local, home grown values tailored to our families and friends.  Drive-thru politics and drive-by legislators that take out our ways and blast our family values are machines. What you say matters.

Attack of the Machines

Cyborgs of machine driven biologicals, under group think mind control are like swarming bees. Remember the Borg of Star Trek the Next Generation fame; their tag line is “Resistance is Futile”  This is the way of the Obama Administration.  The proof is in the collectivism politics, the sweeping control of the democrats, the wooing of the young, plugging them in to the mindset with simple cola ad platitudes like ‘Hope and Change’.  But the Borg have already metastasized. The Obama Czars, the Drone Democrats in Congress move like Transformers. Decepticons shape-shifting into attack dogs, with all loyalty of the underlings and power emanating from the Cube.

Megatron Obamacratic Control Requires a Stand of Freedom

We are the thin Red, White, and Blue line. We are not trying to get our way but make a stand for what is right.  This is not a game to win; it’s our home and out way of life being yanked away in a sweeping tsunami of change.  You may not convince everyone, but we can shine the light of liberty on the lies. You can also thank the few elected officials left who are fighting out there on the front lines of political battle against the gyrating whirly gig spin masters at the helm.
Czar staffers are extremist esoterics with deeply disturbing views. This week, emphasis is being placed on Science Adviser, John Holdren.  No matter the complaints against our protests, the facts about one like this man cause alarm. His 30-plus year position of the zero population growth seeds includes forced abortions if needed, or people seen as ones who “contribute to social deterioration” (i.e. undesirables) “can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility” — in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized [].  This is a top adviser.  Obama surrounds himself with Ivy League liberals, who have long paper trails of extreme.
Barack Obama Promised Transparency

President Obama is lying. The Democratic party leadership is lying. At the witching hours, around three a.m. in Washington D.C., Harry Reid and other Congressional leaders pushed through the committee level approvals of the Obamacare plan. I sat in Republican Representative John Shadegg’s Phoenix office yesterday as he spoke to us via teleconference.  Mr. Shadegg told us that the Democrat leaders want to push through this bill in the next two weeks.

United We Stand

Congressman Shadegg did not lie.  Running to catch a plane home from the crazy of Washington, he stopped, told us his truth, and he thanked us. Mr. Shadegg is leading Congressional Republicans with a bill offering health care choice, and competitive options.  [See previous articl]

He is not giving up nor storming out. Mr. Shadegg is taking a stand, knowing full well his bill, this length of a term paper, up against the Obamacare plan, over a foot thick, with sweeping amendments plopped in,  is outgunned.

Nonetheless, Congressman John Shadegg signed this, and gave every Code Blue protester one as a pledge of faith, and out of respect to us:


  1. “Cyborgs of machine driven biologicals, under group think mind control are like swarming bees.”

    Why do I always think of this movie scene after reading any of your posts?

  2. LOL Steve–you rock Whenever I think of you in the sense that I don’t know you and can insert my own visual, I’ll think of the dancing bee kid from Blind Melon song, and other one -hit wonders.

  3. I’d be interested from hearing from people who read this blog of their own experiences with the health care system and examples, based on personal experiences, of how it is the best system in the world and shouldn’t change.

    To the author of this post: I could only skim after paragraph three. You need an editor.

  4. kralmajales says


    I am particularly interested in hearing from the large number of protesters over the age of 65 who are on a government managed healthcare program…perfect…no, but would the ederly get ANYONE to insure them short of a $1000 a month without it…not on your life. The market doesn’t always fit the needs of our society my friends…and sometimes govt. must step in and provide when it fails.

  5. Kral:

    “The market doesn’t always fit the needs of our society….and sometimes govt. must step in and provide when it fails”

    The above assertion of yours is rather interesting.

    With your knowledge of history can you provide a list of examples of public superiority over private management?

    It should lay the basis for some solid dialogue!

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