Clone Wars

Special interest groups allied with the Democrats are also sending their template mailers into Legislative District 20. In an earlier story one of our writers detailed efforts in Southern Arizona to get Democratic Clone Candidacies elected in normally Republican districts. Arizona 8th has also exposed these cut-and-paste mailers. The Democratic Party and their union allies have spent over one million dollars to take control of the legislature. It is possible that with this amount of money they may actually win a seat or two, although we still do not expect the Democrats to win control of the State House or Senate.


  1. Gee, isn’t it something we figured this out all by ourselves without the help of the mainstream media?

    Cookie Cutter Dems. Lame.

  2. The Republicans also run cookie cutter ads–they ran an ad against Gabrielle Giffords down here that was used against another Democrat in another state. Lame also.

  3. Romo Lampkin says

    Doesn’t your hero Constantin Querard run clone mailers for all his candidates?

  4. Tucosn Vice says

    Gretchen, The Republican party would NEVER, EVER run a cookie cutter add. While you are correct that Timbee’s ad is exactly identical to the one used in Republican Sarah Steelman’s campaign for governor of Missouri this year and produced by the same folks, you are still wrong. That, they will tell you, is completely different.

    For that matter, SA would NEVER, EVER author something so blatantly hypocritical.

  5. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    Cookie Cutter Repukes. Lame.

  6. Sonoran Alliance says

    SA has no problem admitting that some Republican candidates recycle ad material. Those stories are covered by the print media. I am not aware of other examples of such exact word-for-word cut and paste ads in elections in Arizona. If you know of a situation other than Bee please put up the link.

  7. That’s my point. The media makes a big deal that a Republican candidate used the same ad that one used somewhere else. Meanwhile, the media chose to ignore several instances right here in Arizona where the Democrats did the same thing.

    Double standard. That was my only point. Since the media didn’t make snide comments about the left doing it I figured I’d add my own to give the left a taste of their own medicine. Clearly the left can dish it out but they can’t take it as demonstrated by the comments here.

  8. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    Thats because NO BODY likes Republicans any more. Pray McLame doesn’t rob America and with the help of the RNCC steal the election this time, another Florida will NOT be tolerated. Everyone got the matches ready for Republican sites?

  9. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    btw, for you RePIGlicans running to the phone to file complaints about my post, I am simply stating what has been carried on the national media that, should McLame steal this election, that there will be rioting in the streets. Your party will end and America will be the better for it. No threat is implied, only a restatement of a national news story.

  10. Tucson Vice says

    I would guess that the news media doesn’t cover the mailers because the mailers aren’t newsworthy. Besides that, using templates for mailers isn’t a new idea. It’s old news.

    Here is another example of Republicans cutting and pasting ads for prop 102:

  11. OK Vice then why did the media make a deal out of a Republican doing this if it isn’t news. You prove the point of the double standard.

    Even within your comment you say recycled advertisement isn’t a noteworthy subject and then give another example of it.

  12. Tucosn Vice says


    I said using templates for mailers isn’t newsworthy. And it isn’t.

    It seems that when television news outlets realized that the ads they have been airing on their channel are template TV commercials, they feel a need to report on them, lest they be associated with it.

    They may also believe that because the ads (potentially) reach a far greater number of people than the mailers do, they are then more deserving of a news story clarifying the origins of the ad.

    While I understand your position, the fact remains that there is a difference between a mailer targeting independent, high propensity voters and a media campaign for all cable news watching members of the voting electorate to see.

    At the bottom of it, though, I can’t say I really care about either side using recycled ads and I don’t know why others care either.

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