Clinton ahead in certain polls

The latest AP/Ipsos poll has Senator Clinton ahead of McCain by 9%. The important thing to remember is that these broad popularity polls do not matter because that is not how we elect presidents. They are selected through the electoral college and that is state by state. There Clinton is still ahead according to some sites. The good news for McCain is that he beats Obama in the electoral lineup and Obama may well be the nominee.

Some web sites were all excited that Clinton was polling ahead in the popularly vote but the latest results from Rasmussen show McCain with a slight lead.


  1. honest abe says

    I would point out a variable that is often over looked in all polling data when it is presented in this type of venue. Typically, the questions are tailored in such a way, producing a predictable outcome.The pollsters are famous for this…The questions are not simply,” who would you vote for if the election were held today”, rather a series of questions, designed to draw the desired conclusion..

  2. Not to deflate anyone’s balloon or inflate mine, but other than Stragetic Vision (which is Kelly-Anne Whosits GOP based polling firm), no one has McCain outside of the statistical margin of Obama in Pennsylvania, and in two polls, Obama leads.

    Remove PA, and it’s an electoral tie. Give it to Obama, and Obama wins.

    And if I was in the GOP, I would absolutely freaking out that Indiana and North Carolina are tied, and Kansas, Nebraska, and Texas (Texas!) are within the margin of error.

    I mean, I’d rather you didn’t put two and two together on this, but come on. If this is the best McCain can do after a month of Operation Chaos-Elitist Liberal-Angry Black Guy-gate, McCain is screwed.

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