Cleaning up.

     The legislative races in Northwest Tucson just got a little more competitive. The two conservative Republican candidates have received another round of clean election funds

     Captain Al Melvin (Ret. USNR) just got another $25,307. Al is running for the State Senate against moderate Toni Hellon. They both attended a district forum last weekend in which Toni recommended a vote against Al because he was from Pinal County. Gee Toni, great way to win over the 3,300 retired Republicans in SaddleBrooke who will vote in droves in the primary. 

     Homebuilder David Jorgenson received an additional $11,898 in funds. David is running for the seat vacated by Steve Huffman. David is the only Reagan Republican in a crowded 4-way race for the State House of Representatives. 

     It will be interesting to see if Pete Hershberger survives as the most liberal, anti-gun member of the Republican legislative caucus with such excellent alternatives

     These will probable not be the last clean election checks that Al and David receive due to the large amounts of money that the other candidates have raised. The campaigns will become very competitive, as they are able to get their appealing message out to the conservative voters of the district who have been waiting years for a reason to vote in the primary. 

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