Cleaning House.

Foley.jpg     If the Republican Party looses control of the House of Representatives this election the matter of Mark Foley may be the straw that broke the camels back. 

     This is hard to say but it needs to be discussed. I generally agree with the Republican platform. I have serious doubts if the leadership of the party does. They seem to have lost their way. The most instructive part of this story is the report that the pages seemed to have known that there was something wrong with Foley as far back as 2001 even when the adults were in na-na land. It speaks well for our future that at least our youth have the ability to judge right from wrong and can look out for themselves. An important skill these days for young people. 

     Perhaps the GOP house leadership did not have enough specific information on Foley but they could have at least removed him from his leadership position. He was Deputy Whip for the Republican Caucus. Could they find no one more qualified? I am not the only conservative who is not impressed

     Let the Democrats bask in the warm glow of scandal. The Republicans served it up to them on a silver platter. 

     If the Republicans loose control of the house I have nodoubt that at some point they will regain majority status. When they do they should seriously consider keeping child predators out of senior leadership positions.

Tuesday 10-3-06, 9:45 pm

Tony Blankley joins in.

Dick Morris weighs in

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