Clarification on Arpaio CD5 Endorsement Release

For Immediate Release: April 23, 2010

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – The Re-Elect Joe Arpaio 2012 issued the following clarification to a previous release sent out earlier today.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio would like to make clear to all candidates in the Republican nomination contest for Congressional District 5 that the prior release sent out today in no way meant to imply that any candidate was making false statements in this campaign.

Arpaio stated, “All candidates are good individuals who will make exceptional Members of Congress.”


  1. So just to clarify the clarification: Sheriff Joe thinks that Susan Bitter-Smith will make an exceptional Member of Congress, but in the last race he thought that Bitter-Smith was the MOST exceptional congressional candidate, but now she’s just “exceptional”, equally with all the other candidates, some of whom are the same candidates from last election cycle.

    OK, got it.

  2. Huh? Joe’s slick PR machine seems to be faltering a little bit here. Hope he is a little more adept at handling those interviews with the US Department of Justice.

  3. LOL! He’s still hedging his bets on Bitter Smith because he knows that if he slammed her after calling her “conservative, very conservative” less than two years ago, he would look like a complete idiot.

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