Clarification from Republican Professionals Politics on the Rocks

Republican Professionals Politics on the Rocks

Dear Republican Professionals,

I am sure you have seen a few emails from a group calling themselves “The Original Republican Professionals.” This group was started by our former photographer and web designer. As we are all part of the same cause, we wish them all the success in the world. As President and Founder of the Republican Professionals we have added the use of the name “Politics on the Rocks” to our name. This will distinguish us from other emails you may receive. If it does not say “Politics on the Rocks” within the email, it is not from us. Thank you to everyone that has made all 20 events possible. We had 350+ people at our last event and will continue to provide quality monthly networking events on the second Thursday of each month. As our group has grown by leaps and bounds around the country, we are excited to announce the formation of our new Tucson group. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing a “big name” to be speaking at the Tucson launch event. Please share the following link with your friends in Tucson:


Charles A. Jensen, President & Founder
Republican Professionals: “Politics on the Rocks”


  1. Charles was obviously too polite not to mention that the two guys who started the rival organization were both kicked off the Republican Professionals board for sexual harassment.

  2. Ahoy 'thar matey says

    The emails from the hijackers should say “The Original Republican Pirates”.

  3. The jokers who tried to steal the name are neither young nor professional. Interesting.

  4. Sicka and Tired says

    I wish the fight between the two Republican Professional Groups would go offline and stop using this site as a forum for their fight. Their fight has become petty and uninteresting to people not directly involved. I would hope Shane would tell both sides “no mas.”

  5. Grumpy Gus says

    What exactly is a “professional?”

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    Grumpy Veritas agrees with your comments. Also, to post #4 we also agree.

    To Hugh Nuze: please format the banner. We’ve noticed there’s another place where graphics bleed from one entry into the title of another.

    Peace Bro..

  7. Just Wondering ... says

    Can Charles provide any proof whatsoever that he is the original founder of Republican Professionals?

  8. Old Curmudgeon says says

    Yeah, dagnabbit. Take this intramural squabbling elsewhere so we can restore this forum to its true purpose: fighting John McCain and other RINOS!

  9. Correction says

    Charles Jensen left the Republican Professionals after he was unable to come to an agreement with Jeff Dial on when to establish new elections.

    He filed with the Secretary of State to form a new group, “Politics on the Rocks”. Here is the link.

    Nowhere does he register the name “Republican Professionals”. Charles left the group, willingly, and now says he was kicked out.

    He goes around lying to people, trashing his imagined “enemies”. Once you have both sides of the story, then you can form an opinion.

    Does anyone really think Charles Jensen would allow himself to be “kicked out” of anything? He is trying to have it both ways.

  10. Conservative PC says

    First of all, thank you DSW for allowing comments on issues like this. There have been emails flying around on this and some of us would like to know what’s really going on, since we’ve enjoyed attending the happy hour networking events.

    Seems pretty clear to me that the president of the group hasn’t left the group nor is he starting a new group. As for the other rival group started by the former webmaster and photographer, I have concerns about the complaints of sexual harassment by those two gentlemen, which is why they were removed from the board and have now formed this new group. They are roommates with GOP Executive Director Brett Mecum, who has had some pictures circulating of himself engaging in sexually compromising positions.

    I don’t think young men like that have any business running a Republican networking group.

    I would recommend that members stay away from that second group, unless they have no problem with sexual harassment.

  11. not-so-innocent bystander says

    … and so it continues.

    So very UN-professional. But who’s the hot babe in the picture with Debbie Lesko?

  12. Correction says

    Conservative PC: I now see what this is about.

    It’s not about Republican Professionals but a campaign to embarrass Randy Pullen. So, Charles Jensen and you are part and parcel of a plot to ruin the state chairman.


  13. Don’t be a RINO. Be a real conservative. Bow down before Randy and pledge your loyalty and obedience to Him.

  14. Just the Facts says

    I’m curious, if Mr. Jensen is the “founder” and the other guys are just the web guy and photographer, why are they listed as the original owners?

    Charles, where is your proof that you founded the group?

  15. ENOUGH- Only con men, trolling tramps and girls that are working would put up with any of the boys arguing. Rise above, zip it up, shut the door. None of you would be very useful in any political team if you can be charmed into this incredibly simple debate. Also, this crapola might just blow out the current GOP with all of your grace and devotional work. Way to go dudes! (holdin’ up loser L on my head)

    None of you have kids I am guessing. Parents reading this, does it sound like a bunch of tweens bickering over gossip after the eighth grade dance? This is the Koybayashi Maru of Dorkfest: anyone who wants to organize or socialize without removal of pants, or needing universal precaution of fluids training, let’s get together and not tell. Please Lord, Calgon take me away.

    You wonder why Republicans are leaving? Who are you people luring? Girls Gone Wild meets Swingers? Gag ME. Please enough of the penis envy idiot-man-child politics. Get dates, don’t tell us, DO NOT take photos, and go be happy elsewhere.

    This Jerry Springer approach to political involvement makes Tila Tequila look like a good choice for an Ad-Hoc GOP Organizer. my lunch is coming up so… party on dudes

  16. The real question… what does Mecum have on Pullen? What dirty, embarrassing and/or illegal activities does Mecum know about or was a participant in that would require Pullen to keep him on the job?

    The Arizona Republican Party has an ED problem, and I don’t mean an erectile dysfunction problem despite what the photos suggest.

  17. Janice Drinkwine says

    Giddy up 109! 109! 109! Giddyup 109! Nothing can stop him at 109! 109!

    Well, he got into his car and cruised down the 101 now….

    Seems like he forgot about the speed cameras that J-Nap had installed now…

    And with the radio blasting and speeding just as fast as he can, now….

    And he’ll have fun, fun, fun, ’till Charles takes his social club away.

  18. Sonoran Alliance says

    OK. This is where I blow the whistle and yell, “Everyone Outta the Pool!” This is getting too sophomoric. Comments are now off.


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