Did the City of Phoenix spend $35 MILLION on NBA all-star event?

What is going on, Phoenix Mayor Gordon asks the federal government for a bailout, and then possibly spends $35 million on an NBA all-star event? The article in the Republic says the event was put on to show off Phoenix’s “new $1.4 billion light-rail line, the $600 million Phoenix Convention Center expansion and the $350 million Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel.” (the latter two subsidized by your tax dollars and the former paid for entirely by your tax dollars, shoved through the ballot using a dishonest media disinformation campaign) It is not clear from the article how much was footed by taxpayers, but it should be determined, this is outrageous.

To recap, here is the list of essential services and jobs Phoenix is cutting currently due to its million dollar deficits. The City of Phoenix has irresponsibly spent well beyond its budget over the past few years under the leadership of Democrat Mayor Phil Gordon and the mostly Democrat City Council. Consequently, Phoenix needs to make $70 million in cuts over the next 18 months. More people are already moving to Phoenix over any other city in the nation next to Las Vegas, so attracting more people and big events IS NOT SOMETHING WE SHOULD BE SPENDING TAXPAYERS’ MONEY ON!!!!

UPDATE: The City of Phoenix contacted Sonoran Alliance and requested that we clarify the title of the post. According to a deputy with the public information office,

The actual amount, which is still being calculated by the vested city departments, will be nowhere near that $35 million figure. We will be more than happy to forward that figure to you once it’s determined.


  1. So reading isn’t really a strength huh? The “economic impact” is estimated at $35 million – which means the event brought $35 million to the area in direct spending. I expect knee jerk conservative reactions here, but also a degree of literacy. Oh well, one out of two ain’t bad.

  2. “brought about $35 million in direct spending to the Valley”

    Yeah, c’mon guys…quit twisting words around…you’ll lose credibility…

  3. “It is not clear from the article how much of the $35 million was footed by taxpayers, but it should be determined, this is outrageous.”

    Come on dude. It’s VERY clear in the article that you obviously didn’t read. Here’s a tidbit from the SIXTH paragraph of the story.

    “The $35 million spending figure includes visitor spending, money that the National Basketball Association spent to produce the event, and money spent by TNT, the cable network that broadcast the event.”

  4. What’s even more fun is juxtapose Chewie’s comment the other day:

    “If this is the best our opponents can do to dissect our reporting, bring it on.”

    with the above article.

    You’d think conservatives would know not to use “bring it on” after Bush’s little faux-pas. Well done, Chewie. You’ve set the bar in dim-wittedness.

  5. Did you boneheads read the article? From the first paragraph:

    NBA All-Star Game events brought about $35 million in direct spending to the Valley and attracted thousands of people to downtown Phoenix, city and tourism officials said Monday.

    Wow, that was hard, wasn’t it?

  6. Mr. Pseudonym says

    Why don’t you all quit jumping the gun and wait to see what the City of Phoenix has to say about how much money it spent of that $35k. Seems to me the point of this post was to question how much of the $35 million was spent by the City of Phoenix, which the article clearly says in the third sentence, ” It is not clear from the article how much was footed by taxpayers, but it should be determined, this is outrageous.” Where’s your beef?

  7. Credibility.

    You definitely lost a great deal with this post.

    Horrible title and a horrible choice of words for the link to the RAG article.

    You need to address this blog post, not just ignore it.

    Take responsibility.

  8. Mr. P,

    You’re missing the point as well. The article indicated $35 mil in revenue was generated. At no point did it mention COST to the City of Phoenix, because we’re talking about REVENUE.

    I’m sure the city of Phoenix DID spend money for the All-Star Game (promotion, police OT, etc). If the city spent $10 mil (and it won’t be anywhere near that sum – much, much lower), and it generated $35 mil, you’re looking at a 250% return on that investment. Tell me, where can the city/valley get a return on an investment like that right now? Hell, a 100% return on the investment would be awesome.

    No one’s jumping the gun – we’re pointing out that Chewie doesn’t know what the hell he/she is talking about. They read “35 million” and “Phoenix” and had some sort of aphasiac reaction to the word “revenue” and it plopped out as (and this is a loose translation): AAARGH! PHIL GORDON DEMOCRAT! PHIL GORDON BAD! BLRRRRGH!

    In fact, they undercuts their point. If the city needs $70 mil and all this revenue went to Phoenix (and obviously, it won’t because it’s spread around the Valley), then hey, we’re halfway there.

    And again, coming like a week after this:

    “If this is the best our opponents can do to dissect our reporting, bring it on.”

    Is just the coup-de-grace.

    I just hope it gets the public excoriation it deserves.

  9. Basil St. John says

    This post is an embarrassment to SA. And if this is the level of financial acumen that conservative Republicans have, it’s little wonder that the nation’s debt is skyrocketing and the state legislature is poised to devastate Arizona’s economy.

  10. Mr. Pseudonym says

    The Klute,

    So let’s see….the city of Phoenix spends $1.4 *BILLION* in tax dollars on light rail, subsidizes the $600 million Phoenix Convention center expansion using more tax dollars, and spends some more tax dollars on the $350 million Sheraton downtown. It then throws a party and pays for extremely expensive guests from the NBA to attend, in order to show off these new digs.

    But you’re more concerned about pointing out that not all of the $35 million went for the entertainment, than the fact that the city is paying for these kinds of things. The city has already admitted to Sonoran Alliance that some of the $35 million went for the event.

    How much is defensible then? $3 million? $5 million? $10 million? How much money does the Klute think is acceptable for the City of Phoenix to spend on this big event to bring visitors to town to show off the city’s newest pricey projects?

  11. Mr. P,

    Wow, you mean the light rail wasn’t built out of dreams and coconut meringue? It costs… money… to build infrastructure? Infrastructure that people are using? Hotels and conference centers don’t immediately make a profit the second the ribbon is cut?

    I’m guessing you buy into the Randian bong hit fantasy of user fees and tolls being able to pay for everything, but in the real world, capital improvements cost money, and since private industry in this country long ago lost the desire for innovation, government has had to step in.

    As for the event – did it turn a profit? Then it’s acceptable. Obviously, the larger the profit, the better, and if it bid on the All-Star Game (or the Super Bowl, or the National Poetry Slam, or whatever) and the bid returned X amount on the investment, then yes, it was worth it. $3 mil is a lot of money. A return of $10-15 mil is excellent on that, and should be lauded by conservatives and liberals alike because that is good government.

    And hey, when you show all your new hotels and light rails and convention centers, it makes more people want to come here and bring business. Ask the Rust Belt states and see if their run-down everything makes business say “Hey, let me bring my company to this decaying, water-logged, garbage pit”.

    You just let me know if you need anything else cleared up.

  12. I boycotted the national baby league this weekend….

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