City of Phoenix seeks new City Manager

The City of Phoenix is looking to fill the position of City Manager. Here is the current ad as it appears on the website of Bob Murray & Associates:

Situated in the southwestern part of the United States, the City of Phoenix, AZ (population 1.5 million) is one of the most vibrant and livable communities in the United States, and a city where a strong, diverse economy supports a thriving and growing business community. The City is seeking a City Manager who is a strong leader with a vision for the future. The new City Manager will gain the trust and confidence of the Mayor and City Council based on treating each member equally and by insuring that information is provided to them on an equal and consistent basis. He/she must also be capable of earning the respect and support of staff. The City Manager should not afraid to take a critical look at the current organizational paradigms with a fresh perspective in mind. The ideal candidate will have the ability to align the organization to meet the challenges of the future. The new City Manager should be decisive and capable of making tough decisions. The ability to be an effective problem solver is critical to the success of the new City Manager. Candidates should encourage an environment that is adaptive to change. Choosing bright capable people will be an important skill the new City Manager must possess. The City Council is looking for a City Manager who encourages staff to take risks, an individual is innovative and creative will excel in this position. Candidates should possess a bachelor’s degree in public or business administration or related field, a master’s degree is preferred. The salary for the City Manager is open dependent upon qualifications.

The problem with any conservative seeking to fill this position – if they even get a first look – is that they will have to serve under duh, Mayor Phil Gordon and a majority of liberal city councilmen. What qualified conservative would even want to put themselves into that position in the first place? It would be a continual conflict and of course, they would have to refrain from “biting the hand that feeds them.” Ultimately, it doesn’t improve the efficiency or role of the City of Phoenix government in any way. But most importantly, it makes the best argument for electing more conservatives to city government.

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