City of Phoenix Election Highlights, Lowlights & Predictions

Gullett’s Guts: A political consultant running for office takes a lot of bravery. Lose and it will forever be used against you. That Wes Gullett is even in the discussion about a November run-off is a victory for hm. Win or lose, he comes out a winner.

Quik Way To Lose Quik Mojo: Without any support from a single candidate running for Phoenix office this cycle, Proposition 2 has become a curious campaign with Quik Trip spending heavily to defend afronting a neighborhood in order to build their 27th station in the Valley. They primarily argue we are a good company, so vote for us. But as opponents pointed out in a recent mailer the U.S. Department of Justice fined them millions for discriminating against the disabled and the U.S. Department of Labor fined them nearly a million dollars for ripping off their employees. Calls to mind Homer Simpson’s most famous line.

I Used To Be Somebody: Once prolific Phoenix political consultant Gary Kaasa is no more. Claude Mattox’s inept campaign, fleeced by consultants Kaasa and Joe Yuhas, spells the end of Kaasa’s career and casts serious doubts on Yuhas’ ability to be taken seriously moving forward.

Beware Waring: He will come close to winning outright Tuesday night, but not quite. Over/Under is 15 on his margin over appointed councilperson Bryan Jeffries.

Not exactly Phoenix ’11 election related but here’s a prediction for ’14: Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates will seriously consider if not run for Arizona Attorney General.


  1. Tiny Elvis says

    Predictions on Prop 1?

    What about District 5? Valenzuela and who move to Rd 2?

  2. Two points:

    1. Bill Gates will not run against Horne if Horne runs for re-election. If it’s an open seat…

    2. A memo to the people who live next to the proposed Quik Trip site. When you buy a home, take heed to look at the surrounding lots. IF you buy a home next to or very close to a vacant lot that sets on or near a major street, that lot may one day be developed. In fact, it may one day be developed with something you don’t like. The best way to avoid that is to NOT buy a home next to a vacant lot. You say the zoning is residential? Zoning can be changed; that’s why they post those signs on land when a possible zoning change comes up. It is when those signs come up that perhaps you should consider making objections to the, um, y’know… ZONING BOARD. I don’t live in Phoenix and really don’t care about this QT, but ya gotta love when people wake up to the realities of their own neighborhood. Too bad they weren’t awake when these decisions were made in the first place.

    • QTs IMPROVE neighborhoods anyway. Don’t feel guilty about voting yes on Prop 2.

      Also FOR G_D’S SAKE, please vote NO on Prop 1.

  3. Shame on you for calling Gullett a Political Consultant. Thats a lie! He is jus a strategic advisor. His wife is a lobbyist, with a firm that has the City as a client. I dont know how that works out as a conflict or a twofer for the city or what. Gullett was on the zoning commission voting on issues that may have benefitted his clients, while his wife was chief of staff for Phil Gordon. Another interesting twisting of interests. I wonder if the wife, as main political advisor to the Mayor at the time, ever made her wished known to the member of the planning commission. Maybe not.

    @ DGN you seem to be criticizing citizens that had no way to impact the land that is near their home. EXCEPT – that they could have bought the land themselves and built whatever the zoning allowed. This is America.

  4. Here are the candidates for mayor in order of conservative preference
    1) Jennifer Wright


  5. Oberserve, you forget that Gullett worked for the most conservative governor in AZ history – Fife Symington! That makes him more conservative than Jennifer. He did illegally run fifes campaign from the 9th floor with Chuck Coughlin, but that is just how things must be done. You gotta break a few eggs, you know what i mean? Nixon knew that.

    • The Fife Symington who got bailed out when Mercado went under? The most conservative governor in AZ history? LOL

      I think that’s Ev Mecham, not Fyfe Symington, the McCain lackey as Gullett is.

  6. PolicyPundit says

    How does someone stand behind Worn Out Waring who is re-using signs from a senate race turned congressional race turned council race (thanks to David Jones’ mailers showing the facts)?

    How does someone support Waring who will get a pension boost way in excess of 400% if he goes to council, adding to his four terms in the state senate?

    I thought Sonoran Alliance was about ending career politicians who simply enriched themselves?

    I don’t think we can afford Jim Waring.

  7. Phillip the Great says

    PP: “I thought Sonoran Alliance was about ending career politicians who simply enriched themselves?”

    Now that’s a tall order for any blog.

    Most of us work pretty hard five days a week to enrich ourselves. In fact, most of us do this through a thing called a job. Were someone to choose politics as a job, would they simultaneously take a oath of poverty?

    If my job is boxing, do people complain that I’m too physical with my strategy? Do people really tell me I should set a new standard and maybe put a shirt on while I’m working?

  8. Jim Waring is one of the hardest working politicians in this state. He is not some overblown ego expecting the public to cater to him, he gets out and talks to the people he wants to represent. We would be lucky if half the pols in AZ worked half as hard as Waring.
    The reason those pension rules are the way they are is because the State Leg writes the rules! If we have such a f***ing conservative legislature then why havent they fixed It?
    We had Pearce and Biggs in charge last session, WTF happened? Ill tell you what, they benefit from the rules themselves, so they dont change them. Thats why they still can take football tickets, but every other level of govt electeds are banned from that. Because those legislators talk the conservative game, but they are liars!

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