City of Mesa’s Kavanaugh Wants Domestic Partner Registry

Mesa City Councilman, Dennis Kavanaugh, has requested the Mesa city attorney to draft an ordinance that will keep a list of couples who are not married but desire the city to keep track of their relationship(s). (Arizona Republic)

Following in the footsteps of the City of Phoenix, homosexual and straight unmarried couples would submit their names and possibly other information to the City of Mesa to retain on a registry. (We presume that such an ordinance would limit and define a relationship between two unmarried individuals.)

This opens the door to city government now defining and controlling the definition of relationships.

Instead of couples registering their “relationship” with the City of Mesa, why don’t they seek the services of an attorney and simply obtain a power of attorney?

Liberals are the first to complain about government intruding into our bedrooms and rights of privacy. Now the most local form of government wants to do just that by creating another list. Let’s keep the San Francisco politics where it belongs – on the far left coast.


  1. Presumably, Carnelian, you are a conservative and an American. Theoretically you believe in the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

    So what is it then that you don’t understand about the protection of equal rights for all the equally created people?

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