Citizen Action Grows as Federal Takeover Flounders

by Gayle Plato, M. Ed.
Grayhawk Country Club sits in Northeast Phoenix, upper middle class homes, and lots of active voters. Americans For Prosperity (AFP) hosted a town hall open forum last night attended by 200-300 local citizens. AFP hosts town halls all over Arizona as do other watchdog groups. Dr. Byron Schlomach of the Goldwater Institute, a patients’ rights advocate Dr. Lee Vliet, along with AZ Representative Sam Crump and Senator Jack Harper, frankly discussed Arizona’s budget, education issues, and the evolution of Obama’s health care plan.
At about 8:30 pm last night, an elderly man, leaning on a cane, lunged from his seat, yelling like an umpire ready to toss a coach. He exploded at the liberal lady next to me.  At least thirty other attendees followed his lead with raised voices.  The audience was predominantly older people, community staples, men and women on Medicare or soon to be with a deep respect for the law.  These people played by the rules, and worked hard raising families. The man’s outburst was not an isolated incident. Dogmatic liberals tried talking points on taxpaying elders and worried baby boomers who have had it, they are mad as hell, and not going to take it any more.
I’ve been at a number of political actions: social meetings, city council sessions, school board heated debates, local community group caucusing, and the tea parties. Debate and frustration is the norm.  Last night was unusual; the tea party vibe grows as we see ineptitude and political thievery.  My specialty in counseling is group therapy for at-risk teens; I’m wired to hear agitation as my job in group sessions is to talk down raging teens and help guide the process to solution.  But most people who are scared, feeling cornered need to emotionally dump, throwing off the oppressiveness. This room was throbbing with a tone of fear.
As the Congressional debate goes back and forth regarding this vote, this Obamacare crisis of control, people cannot give in.  Dr. Lee Vliet gave the most cogent advice: keep the pressure on by calling and writing to all elected officials, and attend the rallies ( See information regarding Code Blue #2-  Make every effort to announce your vote is in tact.  You vote will go to the just leaders and will swiftly be cast against the misguided gaming of liberal power machine politicians. There are many state and national watchdog, political action organizations pooling efforts; the Congress is feeling the heat and the pressure matters.
There is proof that the liberal leaders are cracking:

“The seven Blue Dogs on the Energy and Commerce Committee stormed out of a Friday meeting with their committee chairman, Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), saying Waxman had been negotiating in bad faith over a number of provisions Blue Dogs demanded be changed in the stalled healthcare bill.”

Congressional Republicans have come together around a common message. It’s critical to honor the message, delivering it so the average person feels validated.  Top Presidential advisers David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel held a closed door meeting, as they knew the Republicans were not giving up easily.

The brilliant memo,  scaring the libs, was by pollster Dr. Frank Luntz.  He deserves a thank you note from all conservatives if this Obamacare bill flounders.  The recommendations of this message rattled the cage to the point that liberal spin doctor of the Clintonian years, Paul Begala, was called in to write a strange and desperate rebuttal.

Please see the link from Hannity on FOX TV for Dr. Luntz’ recent appearance regarding the key points all Americans and leaders need to consider when talking about the fears of single-pay health care. This is a compelling review because Dr. Luntz doesn’t just talk of his view or how he heard this or that. He brings the facts, he tabulates the views, and offers cutting edge insight about people’s worries. He is the one who has turned this around, and instrumentally tailored the cohesive message of the conservative fight against Obamacare. The subtle message is that the average citizen does matter and civil debate, standing up for beliefs can still affect change in this democracy.


  1. “This room was throbbing with a tone of fear.”

    So, basically the status quo for the conservative movment since the ’50s, then?

    Was their a side-panel on how water flouridation is a Soviet plot?

  2. Ach, “there”, not “their”. Damned homonyms.

  3. Klute,
    As I am the typo queen I’ll give ya a pass there.. No No Klute, didn’t ya hear? The Iron Curtain came a cropper Klute–Reagan, good speech, at the Wall, then Pink Floyd played, 20 yrs ago.. well anyway- no we blame all conspiracies on Bilderberg and Mothman now. Stay outta Pt. Pleasant, that’s all I am sayin’

  4. So the “fear” is expressed by people who are in a socialized medical system shouting down a women who was guilty of being a liberal.

    It isn’t surprising that there was fear in the room considering, I am sure, that people had just listened to a multiplicity of lies about what health care reform is actually being proposed (certainly not a Canadian system) as well as lies about what other countries systems are in fact like (such as Canada).

  5. >Was their a side-panel on how water flouridation is a Soviet plot?

    Are you trying to say that the Ruskies are adding flour to the US water system?

    I want to know who is behind that plot and whether they are adding baking flour or whole wheat flour.

  6. Gayle,

    Nicely done. 🙂

  7. so the fear of these medicare recipients and the about-to-be recipients is – ‘don’t mess with my entitlements. I like the system as it is’?

  8. Ms. Plato summed it up pretty well. The crowd was overwhelmingly “conservative” for whatever that means and therefore it missed by a sizable mark the Town Hall nature of the event
    The rude outburst by the fellow with the cane was not the only noteworthy moment. For him it was sufficient to know he had heard Obama was going to give health care to the illegals to justify shouting down the lady who admitted she was a proud Democrat, an opening statement that generated considerable applause initially. Whatever she wanted to say was subsequently lost.

    Earlier on a mother related to the compassion she felt the good Americans ought to display with regards to her developmentally challenged child, and the enormous costs for medical expenses she and her family had to muster. Costs which in spite of their private health insurance policy weren’t covered, it’s all in the small print of such private insurance policy. It was then when a loud voice from the back row shouted: “Don’t make that my problem”. Well I can’t say for sure this voice came from a loving Christian conservative, but I am willing to bet it did not originate from a bleeding heart liberal.

    Another memorable moment came when an elderly lady, she had been knitting all evening, opined in response to a statement that we do not want our health care run by the Government that runs Social Security, that she was very comfortable with the way the governmental Social Security Trust Fund was handling her Medicare and social security needs. She was quickly shouted out of the room by yelling that Social Security will be broke by 2022. Judging by her appearance and age, I doubt that mattered much to her.

    A fellow about five rows back who professed he read all 1100 pages of the bill found it objectionable that doctors are required to discuss “End of Life Matters” with their patients. He too earned considerable applause. Obviously that provision in the bill bothered him more then it bothers me that doctors in Arizona must show a woman a movie flick of an ultrasound presentation and insist on a subsequent waiting period before they may engage in a legal medical procedure.
    I guess there are different strokes for different folks indeed.
    I came away from the Town Hall meeting fully convinced that no one knows what all HR-3200 entails but everyone is 100% certain that it is a bad legislation, just because it is labeled Obamascare.
    Such clairvoyance is absolutely remarkable. It reminded me painfully of a time period when I grew up and the Minister of Propaganda was more powerfully evil then the Dictator who was then the head of that country.
    The American Private Health Insurance Industry, a syndicate of sorts has executed a fantastic fear mongering propaganda campaign in form of a snow job, yes indeed.
    I finally got the text of the bill and I will be reading it in its entirety, and only then will I make up my mind.

  9. Gayle Rightwoman says

    I always sit in the front row if I can because I like to listen in to the opposition. The ‘plants’ go there without fail. The elderly lady in the front row was at another rally near here recently. She is a shill and doesn’t always seem frail. Who walked her out I don’t know, but that too was convenient. Theatre was in play and the plants in full bloom.

  10. Gayle,
    I must say, do you think everyone with different opinions than you is a “plant” or a “shill” dispatched by the Borg collective? Is it possible the lady you speak of is a concerned citizen who wants to be engaged with important political matters. You seem to be going conspiratorial and paranoid.

  11. Gayle Rightwoman says


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