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Chuck Gray Withdraws from CD-5 Contest, Endorses Matt Salmon

Chuck Gray Withdraws from CD-5 Contest, Endorses Matt Salmon

Republican Chuck Gray issued the following statement to supporters on Tuesday, December 27, 2011:

In February of this year, when I announced my run for Congress, the congressional district lines were not drawn and I had no immediate challengers. As the campaign progressed, others entered the race but their physical residences were so far removed from my own that it was generally thought that we would be running in different congressional districts.

The district lines are now drawn and have pitted three good men against each other. And while I was the first to enter the race, I cannot permit the conservative vote in the East Valley to be split in a way that allows a less conservative voice to prevail. Our next Congressman will likely be our voice for many years to come.

It is therefore with the support of my wife, friends and family that I announce my withdrawal from the race for Congress in hopes that the conservative voice that I have represented all these years be united behind a single candidate.

I have, in the course of my race, thoroughly investigated the backgrounds and voting records of my challengers. I have known both of them for many years. There is one candidate that I feel most closely reflects my conservative values and voting record. And while I have not discussed my decision to withdraw, with either of my challengers or their campaigns, I do hope that my endorsement of Matt Salmon to represent the East Valley in Congress will be accepted in the spirit it is given.

Matt has a very conservative voting record and I know he will represent the East Valley in the conservative manner we have come to expect. He has my full support.

I want to thank my supporters. They have worked hard and they have championed the founding principles of liberty at every turn. They are the best. I love them dearly. I encourage my supporters to embrace Matt Salmon as they have embraced me. I must set aside my own desire to serve and put the future of this country first. I hope my supporters will do the same. For the good of the nation, I seek to unite the conservative vote.


Chuck Gray


  1. So Adams is being made out to be the less conservative “voice” then here I take it? Makes no sense.

    • TruestoftheTrueAmericanConservative says

      You’re right, it doesn’t. There’s still only one person in the race from the private sector, a small business conservative with experience in the private economy and who does not get his paycheck from taxpayers or special interest groups like the other candidates do. That person is Adams.

  2. CD6 Businessman says

    If Gray really “thoroughly investigated the background” of Salmon then he must have only researched Salmon’s pre-lobbyist years. Lobbying for unions and endorsing liberals is hardly conservative.

  3. Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

    Once again, we see that politics is about “teams” and relationships rather than candidates and issues. I liked Salmon’s record a decade ago, but what has he done since then? Meanwhile, Kirk Adams overthrew the RINOs in the House and compiled a rock-solid conservative record, including being the driving force behind pension reform, and Gray acts like Adams is less conservative than Salmon? Huh? Lobbyist for unions (Salmon) against small businessman who didn’t take a pension and drove a successful conservative agenda in this state (Adams)? Adams is the more conservative one by a long shot.

    • Two-face backstabbing Krony Adams is a RINO now that his masters is the McCain/Flake pseudo conservative cabal. Sorry for you guys, Krony is going to have his hat handed to him and he will end up bumping one you off McCain/Flake pseudo conservative cabal staff, now that he will be needing a new job.

      • CD6 Businessman says

        Tell us how you really feel TP. I don’t think you mixed enough anger in to your comment.

        • No, I am not angry, I am just disappointed. Evidently, you are the one who is upset with Sheriff Joe, Russell Pearce and 1070. Sure you were happy for a while when your sham RINO candidate Jerry Lewis ousted a real conservative, but now you are worried that it is going to be turned against your boy Krony Adams. It just seems to have your panties all in a bunch. Hey Landscaper?

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