Christmas Defiled!

Some things are just wrong. Let these photos tell a thousand words. These are the ornaments that are hanging on the Christmas Tree in the Whitehouse.


Whitehouse Christmas Bul 2

Whitehouse Christmas Bulb 3

Whitehouse Christmas Boobs


  1. You have got to be kidding is this photo shopped ?

  2. Unless Fox News got duped, these are real.

    White House Christmas Decor Featuring Mao Zedong Comes Under Fire

  3. Basil St. John says

    This site becomes more like The Onion every day! Thanks for all the laughs in 2009, Shane.

  4. Nope this is a real story. Of course the White House’ response is pure Sgt. Schultz. “I know nothing”

  5. Basil St. John,

    Sorry I fail to see the humor in insulting millions of Chinese who lost family members to a mass murdering communist regime. I also fail to see the humor in insulting millions of Christians across the world who see the elevation of transvestites and mass murderers to the same level as God’s Son as a huge insult.

    Sure, the .000000001% of transvestites may see some humor in this but they ain’t gonna get BO re-elected in 2012.

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  6. Yeah, that Andy Warhol really stamped his boot on the face of Chinese dissidents.

    I mean, you get that right? The Mao picture is a painting by Andy Warhol, making a comment on how mass-market media extends to both capitalist and communist societies. Who ever did that particular ornament was doing an “art history” ornament, as seen by the other paintings on it.

    The original of the series was incidentally purchased by a business man from Hong Kong for 17 Million dollars in 2006.

    I think if God’s offended, it’s probably by the tree, considering it’s Pagan in origin. I mean, I’ve got a tree and creche in my living room. Guess which one honors God? Sure ain’t the tree.

  7. Why is Obama’s face all scratched up? When placed against the backdrop of Lincoln on Mt. Rushmore, it looks to me like a critique of Obama.

  8. Klute, apropos your point

  9. Basil St. John says

    Shane, you’re more amusing with each and every post. It almost makes up for Colbert’s holiday break.

    I have a Superman ornament on my tree. Is that elevating the last son of Krypton to the level of the Son of God?

    A tiny bit of context, although it will not fit your increasingly paranoid worldview.

  10. Todd,

    Heh. Nothing says “the birth of Jesus” like a 1/6 scale replica of in the instrument of his torture and death.

  11. Basil,

    I’ll raise you a Shuttlecraft Gallileo to your Superman.

  12. Klute,

    You’ve proven my point.

    Only the liberal elitists class familiar with the work of Andy Warhol as an anti-capitalist icon would defend the image. (Was that in today’s DNC Talking Points?) For millions of others, the face of Mao represents the mass indoctrination of a culture and horribly, the mass murder of millions of Chinese. Hmmmm WWTDLD (What would the Dalai Lama Do?) Back to the ornament. Don’t you think that a lesson on “art history” would be better presented at a time other than Christmas? The Whitehouse should have known this would invite a negative and very personal backlash – poor form indeed. I agree on the pagan Christmas tree connection. I can’t seem to find any reference to Christmas trees in my version of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Let’s talk about Easter and paganism when that comes around next spring.

    Basil St. John,

    I think there is a significant difference between a fictional superhero who fights for “Truth, Justice and the American Way” and a modern day dictator whose policies led to the death of 50-70 Million people. From a public relations standpoint, the Whitehouse would not have incited the same backlash if it had hung a Superman figurine on the tree, unless of course, it had the head of Barack Obama.

  13. DSW. actually Warhol celebrated mass culture and capitalism and was not anti-capitalist.

    I think most people who have taken an art history class would know who Warhol was. Claiming knowing about him demonstrates one is a liberal elitist not only is wrong but demonstrates a degree of anti- inellectualism.

  14. DSW,

    “Only the liberal elitists class familiar with the work of Andy Warhol as an anti-capitalist icon would defend the image.”

    I’m not going to apologize for knowing American art history. More education is better than less, right? I refuse to believe a conservative thinks education is a bad thing.

    “Hmmmm WWTDLD (What would the Dalai Lama Do?)”

    Peaceful, non-violent resistance?

    “Don’t you think that a lesson on “art history” would be better presented at a time other than Christmas?”

    [shrug] Ask the person who made the ornament.

    “Let’s talk about Easter and paganism when that comes around next spring.”

    As a Catholic, I understand whatever the root (Saturnalia, Eoster, etc.), the importance is what you place on it now. The tree is a celebration, but it ain’t an edification of God.

    • todd,

      I can see that you and I are going to disagree on interpretations of Warhol’s various works. When pop art originally surfaced, much of it poked irreverence to a consumer capitalist culture by its flamboyant and larger than life presentation. By “celebrating” it one interpretation demonstrated an underlying misanthropic attitude toward it. Today, there are those who celebrate the holiday of Christmas without celebrating the mass marketing, consumer-driven aspects of it. Personally, I dislike intertwining a religious holiday with consumerism. I believe Warhol was likening China’s “cultural revolution” to our own and in doing so taking a swipe at both. I wouldn’t call this anti-inellectualism (sic).

      The Klute,

      No need to apologize for knowing art history. I applaud you on that and even hope it has a practical purpose in your life. Education is a very good thing. Indoctrination however, is not necessarily a good thing and sadly, I think there is too much indoctrination taking place in the education arena. A little more critical thinking would be preferred.

      [shrug] Ask the person who made the ornament.

      I’d also like to ask the person who hung it and probably celebrates it.

      Back to the Christmas Tree. Perhaps my mantra should be, “Mr. Obama, tear down this tree”

      Have a Merry Christmas.

      P.S. – I really do enjoy our engaging conversations!

  15. One major correction! The photo of the man dressed in drag is actually NOT a transvestite. This was falsely reported on several news sites. Steven Polito aka “Hedda Lettuce” is an American drag queen actor and singer who resides and performs in New York.

    Consider this a retraction on the original post.

  16. DSW,

    “A little more critical thinking would be preferred.”

    No argument there.

    “Back to the Christmas Tree. Perhaps my mantra should be, ‘Mr. Obama, tear down this tree'”


    “Have a Merry Christmas.”

    And a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    “P.S. – I really do enjoy our engaging conversations!”

    As do I! Thanks for keeping SA a forum for free speech!

  17. DSW.
    “I wouldn’t call this anti-inellectualism”

    yes. sorry about the spelling error. It isn’t the interpretation that shows this it was the comment that simply being familiar with Warhol meant one was a liberal elitist.

  18. Mao put Christians to death, the Communist Regime still kills and imprisons Christians.

    Hindu India was right, Why is Obama sucking up to China at everyone’s expense? What happened to Tibet? Which country backs North Korea, which country backs the murderous Myanmar regime in Burma? Which country invaded India, and seized a chunk of that nation? Mao was about as hostile to Christianity as it gets.

    Got lightyears more respect and charm from Hindus in India and Africa and Muslims In India and AFrica and Bhuddists in Africa for Christmas than the White House is showing.

    Not a one of them would have dreamed of putting anything disrepectful on a Christmas tree, many of them put up CHistmas trees too, it’s THAT nice a holiday. People like it. Kids LOVE it. and we received many Christmas presents from Muslims and Hindus -year after year, and we moved a lot so this represents a lot of different people over the years – not a fluke, but a common tradition of graciousness for other people’s highest holidays. Christmas and Easter ARE the highest holidays of CHristianity.

    Would we THINK to put Mao and a drag queen picture on a lamp for the Hindu Diwali celebration? Say what? NEVER! It would be taken as a HUGE insult, and rightly so. Indians DIED in combat on their own soil,defending their nation, Indians civilians died in Chinese bombardments. How VULGAR would one have to be to denigrate a Hindu with such things?

    SO if the White House allowed Mao and drag queens images to be hung on the CHristmas tree, then it’s an insult. Got it. Loud and clear. These are “Harvard grads.” They not stupid or ignorant are they?
    Why don’t they explain why they have this crass need to act this way.

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