Chris Simcox Won’t Quit

Chris SimcoxThe Arizona Republic reported today that Minuteman co-founder, Chris Simcox, won’t get out of the US Senate race if JD Hayworth enters to challenge John McCain. When asked by a Republic reporter, Simcox responded with “No way in hell.” That’s a little more harsh than JD’s normal “H-E-double hockey stick” response.

Simcox doesn’t realize it yet but a JD entry into the race will leave him gasping for campaign cash and petition signatures.  He may have no other choice than to abandon his pursuit of John McCain. The other low profile candidate in the race, Jim Deakin, is also considered an outsider in a political system that favors incumbents and high name ID candidates.

Jim DeakinWhile both Simcox and Deakin may have great conservative credentials on paper, the odds are dramatically stacked against them. They have little or no name ID, a trickle of campaign donations and no way of self-financing. They are entirely grassroots campaigns trying to gain traction in a world of monster truck candidates. JD entering the race will relegate their campaigns to short-lived political footnotes.

In the 20 years I’ve been involved in political campaigns, the reality is that Mr. Deakin and Mr. Simcox, short of a miracle, don’t have a chance to go the distance and impact the race. I wish them the best but watch where the winds of resources blow if JD Hayworth enters the race. And even if he doesn’t get in, those winds will die to a doldrum as John McCain does not face a serious challenge.


  1. nightcrawler says


    Your analysis of the ocean is accurate based on a glance of the horizon. Most seasoned mariners would agree. In recently speaking with some active conservative acquaintances, I believe there is a significant undertow beneath the surface.

    Much like the beautiful cheerleader who sits at home on prom night because everyone else assumed she was going, so no one asked, many suitors that JD thinks will come courting, have already made other plans. A real date versus a dream.

    Watch how this plays out…

  2. These two fine men belong in the same league as Joe Sweeney.

  3. Jane,

    I’m going to disagree with your last comment and defend both Simcox and Deakin. No one is in the same league as Joe Sweeney.

  4. No principles says

    These two guys have based their “no chance in heck” candidacies on the rationale that John McCain needs to be replaced with someone more conservative.

    That they won’t back out for someone who might have a prayer tells you all you need to know about these two.

  5. I certainly hope that Chris Simcox will continue his campaign and qualify for the Republican primary.

    He favors abolishing the Federal Reserve.

    If he doesn’t bring the issue to the table, nobody else in Arizona is likely too.

    Burst economic bubbles due to government incompetence should be a great debate issue.

    I am surprised that JD Hayworth doesn’t already bring up the issue considering his advertorial advocacy of a local gold dealer on his radio show.

  6. This whole thing is a mute point because JD is not getting into a US Senate race with campaign debt and now he is LESS than 8 months away to the primary. There is just no way he can raise the cash to come close to competing.

    I hate to say it but money matters A LOT and McCain has $20 million JD is in the negatives. Its just not happening.

  7. kralmajales says

    Interesting points Johnny. Thanks for the info.

    Most here see this, but I will state the obvious. JD would have a better shot at beating McCain than Simcox. Simcox and JD will split conservative votes and ensure that the longshot of McCain being ousted in the primary does not happen.

  8. Rosco P Coltrane says

    Have any of you besides Thaine looked at these other 2 candidates? I particularly like how Mr Deakins has signed the pledge at, wants to End the Fed, and wants to get rid of the Patriot Act (which was written and waiting before 9-11).

    Let’s assume that JD doesn’t run. That leaves McLame with $20M (see to learn which fabulous organizations gave him that money) vs Simcox vs Deakins with almost $0. Are you all going to just give up and support McLame?

    JD and others are helping McLame a lot by prolonging this “mystery.” You’re all so anxious and hopeful about JD that you won’t bother with a backup plan. Then it will be too late to support one of the other fine candidates and you’ll just have to plug your nose and vote for McLame so that a “democrat” doesn’t get in. Hahahahahaha.

    Start the backup plan now – contact Simcox and Deakins and see how they measure up to your support level. You may be pleasantly surprised, and may even think one or both of these guys is better than JD, a guy who was tied to Jack Abramoff and who received honorable mentions for corruption from CREW.

  9. Rosco,

    There is nothing wrong with Simcox and Deakins positions. Of course they are better than McCain. Thats not the issue. But having the support of some people on Sonoran alliance is not going to allow you to be John McCain. They need A LOT of money and by that I mean MILLIONS. Its just not going to happen, JD can’t even come close to the money needed.

    As nice as it would be to beat McCain its not happening this time around.

  10. Beating McCain is growing less important even than beating his influence out of the Republican Party.

    I’m resigned to McCain winning this non-race too. Beat Jim Waring, Lucy Mason, Vic Williams, Nancy Barto, Bil Koponicki, Lisa James, Shadegg.

    Beating McCain is less important now than losing the Party to his ilk.

  11. I seriously doubt either Simcox or Deakin could be elected to the state Senate, let alone the US Senate.

  12. By all means, I do hope these two & JD jump into the race. As a conservative, I can see the good that McCain has done during his time in Congress (McCain-Feingold aside) & would be so lucky to have him as my senator, rather than the embarrassment of Harry Reid that I now have after moving to NV. Be careful what you wish for people.
    And really, in all honesty, how many people run on a platform of abolishing the Fed Reserve, or other parts of the administration, only to find that these are pipe dreams, and it takes more than one voice to make it happen.

  13. And Joe, You are so right. I wish wanna be politicians knew their place.
    Run for local office and gain support & traction before trying to swim with the big fish.
    We have that problem here in a 9way primary for Harry Reid’s seat. Oh brother!
    Some people are gluttons for punishment and must like being publicly embarrassed.

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