Chris Simcox Announces for US Senate

This morning, Chris Simcox announced his bid for the U.S. Senate representing Arizona.

Simcox will challenge incumbent Senator John McCain in the 2010 Republican Primary.

This announcement occurred on the State Capitol lawn at 11:30 AM.

Representative Carl Seel and Senator Jack Harper introduced Simcox who was surrounded by his family and supporters.



  1. So he even admitted he thought the idea of him beating McCain was a joke… and then he did not go on to say how he could beat McCain..

    My favorite quote…
    “I am looking to the people of Arizona to say one way or another we are willing to hire you to go to Washington to represent us, or not. And thats basically how we are running the campaign.”

    Thats sounds like a really good strategy to beat McCain.

  2. That’s Seel, Harper, Simcox and 75% of the voters of Arizona who demand border security at every opportunity. Go Chris!

  3. The big question is, will the Republican party play the party of nazi and bully again for McCain this time, as it did for him in the Pres. race, as well as for Sydney Hay in the CD1 primary. The party ought only to be a neutral facilitator to all candidates in the primary. I don’t care what their secret selection committee thinks. Americanism is about of the People, By the People, For the People — not Of the Party, By the Party, For the Party.

  4. . According to a 2005 article in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s magazine Intelligence Report, Simcox’s first ex-wife accused him of trying to sexually molest their 14-year-old daughter. His second ex-wife, accused Simcox in court of having a mental breakdown and of sometimes violent, erratic behavior.

    “He once took a knife from the kitchen and threatened to kill himself,” the second ex-wife, Kim Dunbar testified in court, according to IR. “When he was angry, he broke furniture, car windows, he banged his head against the wall repeatedly and punched things.”

  5. wiseman, got anything stronger than “ex-wife accusations?” Obviously not.

    If Simcox only gets the “ex-wife false accusations” vote, this things in the ol’ deep freeze.

  6. Victor, That’s 10 year old ex-wife accusations. Me thinks wiseman spends too much time reading the left wing publications. Hey, he’d really love today’s New Times. I’m breathless wiseman, what does the Southern Poverty Law Center have for us today, can’t seem to find my copy!

  7. to Posting #7: Never listen to anything the SPLC has to say. They lie. Morris Dees is the biggest con man to hit the big time.

    Their *only* claim to fame happened a very long time ago with the Klan.

    Since then Dees has been fleecing government agencies and profiting from the politics of hate for a very long time.

    I know Chris and I know Morris Dees; Dees has zero credibility. Dees did have a contract with a federal law enforcement agency to inflitrate the Minutemen back when Chris’s group did their first big border watch.

    Lori Wiseman, I’m thinking you actually believe what comes out of the SPLC … someday look at their tax returns and how much money Mr Dees is making by getting folks like you to believe his hate mongering crap.

    The tax returns of the SPLC are public record. Find out how much they make and really what they produce.

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