Chris Salvino: How Will Mitchell Vote? (Poll)

Dr. Chris Salvino

For Immediate Release: Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Will Mitchell Vote? He Won’t Tell, but now Arizonans Can Guess in Online Poll

Tempe, AZ – Today, Dr. Chris Salvino released the details of a new online poll affording Congressman Mitchell’s constituents an opportunity to guess at how Mitchell will vote on the upcoming votes for ObamaCare.

“Harry doesn’t listen, or doesn’t seem to care. He voted to cut Medicare. He voted to raise taxes. Thousands of Arizonans have protested outside his office. Even former advisor to President Clinton, Dick Morris, warned Mitchell to vote no. But Mitchell is mum. In fact Mitchell hasn’t offered one public statement regarding healthcare this year. He can hide all he wants, but in the end we will know how he votes on ObamaCare. Until that time I am letting Arizonans guess as to how Mitchell will end up voting,” said Dr. Chris Salvino.

The voting options were based upon the likely voting scenario as outlined by Senator Jon Kyl and Congressman Eric Cantor in a recent strategy memo. To read the whole memo you can click here. Essentially it points out that the House of Representatives will be forced to take at least three votes on the unpopular legislation and further reports that Congressman Mitchell may be one of the “House Democrats who originally voted YES, but may now be on the fence.” It’s kind of like voting for it before voting against it..

So far Rep. Mitchell has voted in favor of:

Increased health spending (according to CMS, bends cost curve up, not down)

Nearly $500 billion in Medicare cuts

Over $500 billion in tax increases

Health insurance premium hikes

$1 trillion bill that relies on double counting and gimmicks

Cornhusker Kickback

Louisiana Purchase

Carve-outs for Florida seniors only

Tax on health care plans (JCT says will lead to increased health care costs for consumers)

Targeted tax on small construction firms suffering from record employment losses

Below are the voting options for the online poll. To cast a vote click here.

Option 1 Yes, Yes, Yes

Option 2 Yes, No, No

Option 3 Yes, No, Yes

Option 4 Yes, Yes, No

Tie Breaker: Will Mitchell again claim he is just “moving the process forward” at any point during the voting process? Yes or No

Dr. Chris Salvino is seeking the Republican nomination for Congress from Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. He is currently a trauma surgeon working at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix and is a retired Lt. Colonel and F-16 flight surgeon.


  1. Not to nit pick at Salvino here but isn’t the Cornhusker kick back soon to be voted on? It was part of the Senate bill which the house has not passed that version of the health care bill yet.

    Also he will vote Yes, Yes Yes and no he will not say he is moving the process forward, it doesnt make sense in this context.

  2. AZ Republican says

    Yes, yes, yes. Goodbye Harry!

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