Chris Matthews: More on the “Maverick”

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  1. Did Chris Matthews just endorse McCain?

  2. Oh good, the only thing better than basing your campaign strategy on Jon Stewart and the DNC is bringing in Chris Matthews to help you out.

    Keep going, this is really working for you.

  3. Travis, you need to join the real world and stop living in your fantasyland. McCain is a typical Washington insider. That’s where his heart is and where he wants to be. He’s not one of us, never has been. He now faces real opposition from the right and he’s scared to death. All his liberal/mavericky tendencies have been exposed. His conservatism, when exercised, is laudable, but he has been a supporter of too many deal breakers (see comment #24 “John McCain: To Be or not to be, A Maverick”).

  4. Apparently Travis you weren’t paying attention. Matthews just mentioned he will endorse McCain.

  5. Stephen Kohut says

    Why wouldn’t Matthews endorse McRINO. He is right up Don Biven’s and the AZ Dem’s alley. When McRINO talks about crossing the aisle it refers to those rare occassions when he is taking a stance that upholds the GOP platform. Those moments are few and far between. The rest of the time he might as well be Harry’s bridge partner.

  6. “If my endorsement helps you John Mccain, you’ve got it. If it doesn’t, throw me under the bus.” – Chris Mathews

    What a lovefest.

  7. kralmajales says

    I tell you what…when this campaign is over and if JD wins, the “maverick” issue will be likely taught by political scientists. This is proving to be very very effective. It highlights over and over that he is a moderate…it highlights over and over that he is being disengenous to the voters. A person who defines himself as something and runs on it cannot just shrug it off at will. It would be one thing to flip flop…this strikes at McCain’s character.

    That is what I would say if interviewed by a reporter.

  8. Great. An endorsement from a breathless guy who tells everyone on-air he got tingles up his leg.

  9. Ron J:

    Travis lives in, and exists for, a world of political establishments wherein he can be relied upon to genuflect and kiss the correct rings to keep him afloat!

    The world of the professinal “shill” and “gofer” depends upon the ability to please elites and deliver whatever benefits them!

    That’s why people such as “The John” will always be relied upon to send “tingles” up HIS leg!

  10. Shane: I am paying attention.

    Here’s what what I observed very clearly in this clip and in the last 93 posts on the uber important “maverick scandal”: You are now on the same side as Jon Stewart, the liberal media and Chris Matthews against John McCain and Sarah Palin.


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