Duncan Hunter, Father of Border Fence, on Fox


Duncan Hunter on Fox News to discusses his victory in the Maricopa County Republican Straw Poll over John McCain.

Fox News — January 17
Gretchen Carlson, Fox News: “…number four was John McCain, in his own state. What does that say to you?”

Hunter: “I think border security is huge, not only in Arizona but I think across the country now . People know that we passed this law, which I wrote that says you’ve got to build the border fence across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. They want to build that fence. I think they expressed that in this vote. You save enough money just from incarceration to pay for the fence every single year.”

Watch video.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    How do we turn off that audio EVERY TIME we get to the Home Page? Yikes… Annoying!

  2. Smart Voter says

    Annoying? It’s lyrical music to my ears.

  3. Reagan Republican says

    Thanks for posting this! Duncan Hunter in ’08! I did not get a chance to see this when it aired. I heard that Duncan Hunter was also on Hardball, Lou Dobbs and Neil Cavuto in the last couple of days. Anybody have those interviews to post?

  4. Smart Voter says

    I’ve directed several friends to this site to view the video clip from FOX News. Each one has expressed surprise that McCain fared so poorly among his own elected Republican committeemen. They also all liked what they heard from Congressman Hunter.

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