Change of fortune.

reynolds.gif      Friday’s Wall Street Journal is set to have a front-page article about the current political troubles of Representative Tom Reynolds. For those of you who do not remember, Tom is the powerful chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee who did everything in his power to undermine the Graf for Congress campaign during the primary. 

     If the Republicans loose the house I hope Tom enjoys being in the minority party. The article states that Reynolds has visions of being Speaker. Now it seems Tom needs to focus on just getting himself re-elected. Just a hint Tom, don’t try Tucson as a location for one of your fundraisers. Maybe a former state legislator living in Oro Valley will send you 10 bucks but I would not count on much more than that. 

Thursday 10-5-06, 10:45 am

As predicted, page 1 above the fold.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Current polls show Reynolds losing by just more than the margin of error… His disapproval numbers are through the roof. You can bet he wishes he had his $200,000-300,000 bucks back that he blew on Steve Huffman…

    Gonna be a rough November folks!

  2. Jim Kolbe’s Washington influence may take down a lot more of the Republican party than he’d planned for in his quest to defeat his nemesis Graf.

  3. redcardphreek says

    Reynolds may not be in Congress next year.

    Reynolds holds a press conference on the Foley case, probably expecting to be asked some sexually explicit questions and he surrounds himself with some constituents and their KIDS?!?

    I have seen some weird things in my life, but this is pretty up there. A Congressman hiding behind kids.

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