Change Blindness

How much has the Congress, in cahoots with the Chief Community Organizer of the White House done since January 2009?

Over 10,000 pages of “change” to the basic structure of the US government that not one of your elected representatives, republican or democrat have bothered to read.  And now, what’s another $2B for the useless Cash-for-Clunkers program?  What a debacle that is.

Those folks choosing not to see what is happening, or those who blindly obey and listen to the siren song of the Change Masters  will lead those of us with eyes wide open over the edge of the abyss of CHANGE.

Terms you should know:  “system overload” as a strategy,  the dialectic as a tool of argument, and confrontational politics.  For this post, visit the link above and, if you haven’t seen it before see if you can tell what the change is as the picture shifts.  Most of you should have seen this on TV recently.  Its an excellent example of “change blindness”.

CHANGE … the more rapid the rate of change the higher the stress levels tend to be.  When change becomes too rapid one of two reactions occur, rebellion or acquiescence.  Your attention has been focused on “climate change”, “war on terrorism”, and “economic disaster”.   All the while, the basic structure of what you know as “government” has been being CHANGE(D).

Now, the medical service to your aging family members is threatened.  Why?  Because a majority of us have good to excellent health care – but for a few, the entire structure is being CHANGE(D).   My aunt lives in the UK.  She is 71 years old and two weeks ago broke her arm completely.  They put it in a sling and scheduled her to see a doctor in 3 weeks.  This is of course after she survived 2 heart attacks without being allowed a heart bypass (she was too old and her priority was low in the health care officials estimation).

This is not isolated.  It is coming to Obama’s Amerika.  Are you sure you want more of his CHANGE?

I don’t.  But here’s my bottom line:  IF you want Obama’s vision of a socialist utopia, please have it!  You are welcome to it!!  I wish you well.  Just leave those of us not wishing to participate out of your Utopia, please!

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  1. kralmajales says

    Useless cash for clunkers program? Riiiight! It spurred people to buy cars and it also lifted auto sales out of the doldrums. As a result, our economy is improving.

    I would not say useless at all.

    Maybe Jim Click should stop supporting your party since he clearly understands what this kind of stimulus meant.

  2. Rosco P Coltrane says


    A free-market view on why Cash for Clunkers is a bad idea:

    Not sure where you get the idea that auto sales are out of the doldrums. $1B / $4500 per car gives you 222K cars sold due to the cash for clunkers program. Not bad, but if you look at the graph of historical auto sales, we’ve got a long way to go:

    The quarterly numbers might look pretty good, though since manufacturing was halted during the summer such that the inventories did not continue to pile up.

  3. Rosco P Coltrane says

    I’m glad to hear that people are starting to realize that none of our elected senators or representatives read the bills that they vote on. This is a complete travesty that bears so many unfortunate consequences, both unintended and intended. is a pretty good site where they have a comprehensive bill to stop this. Not only do they have their Read the Bills Act, but also their Write the Laws Act which would stop congress from delegating the minutia of their job to unelected bureaucrats. Plus they track all manner of current affronts to our freedoms.

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    kralmajales, are you serious? do you really vote?

    Again, study “over load” as a strategy of change and “change blindness”.

    Ever asked yourself, with 5 major bills each over 1,200 pages long – each ready to go – who the heck wrote them? (since your representative didn’t even read them)

  5. As people continue to lose jobs or have hours cut do you really think it’s a good idea for them to go out and buy a new car? The only thing this program is going to stimulate is higher debt for individuals and the country. How many of these people are really going to be able to keep these cars?
    People should be asking what is in thier wallets. If it is more debt than money think twice about what you are about to do!

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    Good point. When the next round of foreclosures hits and the pink slips flow, how many shiny new cars will be repo’d?

    To take already paid for cars and replace them with more debt. How dumb does it get?

    Oh that’s right, they just funded another $2 billion of federal debt to extend the program to Labor Day.

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