Chairman Pullen clarifies

As promised a copy of the national delegate ballot has been distributed. The comment section of one of our earlier stories got a little heated. Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen was kind enough to write in. For clarity sake we have reprinted his comments below. (Remember Randy will be on the radio this morning.)

I enjoy reading Sonoran Alliance blogs and have never commented on what is said one way or another. In this instance, I believe it is warranted. The AZGOP staff has been working very hard over the past 2 months to produce the best possible upcoming state convention experience for all of our 1,200 delegates.

There are several committees of party volunteers working very hard on credentials, program, vendors, security, the victory dinner and last but not least, nomination of national convention delegates.

The nomination committee has 15 members and is made up of 14 AZGOP officers from around the state and 1 McCain staff volunteer. This committee has met several times and will meet once or twice more in order to complete its task of reviewing all individuals who have submitted their names.

The nominating committee accepted names up through April 11th. There were 272 people expressing interest in being a national delegate or alternate, for only 100 positions available on the national delegation. Of the total, 7 were eliminated for reasons varying from not being a registered Republican to withdrawing their name from consideration.

We submitted the remaining 265 names to the Maricopa County Recorder on April 15th, for printing. There were several drafts of the ballots reviewed and corrections made. It was not until yesterday, April 29th, that we received what appears to be the final drafts of the ballots. After a final review today, we emailed copies of the ballots to all party leaders.

The nominating committee will make recommendations as to which 100 individuals it believes are best qualified to represent Arizona as delegates and alternates to the national convention in September. But this is just a recommendation. Delegates at the state convention will, of course, be able to vote for any of the 265 names on the ballot.

We have strived to be as transparent and fair in the nominating process as humanly possible. The single McCain volunteer has been very helpful and a team player in the nominating process and has never tried to control it.

There will always be some people who will assume the worst about any political process no matter how hard one tries to be inclusive and fair in dealing with all parties, or believe they could do it better.

Randy Pullen


  1. Good job!

  2. Thank you Chairman Pullen. Our family often comments that you have one of the toughest jobs in Arizona this year. Through it all, we’ve come to appreciate AZGOP more, not less. I could tick off the long list of questionable activities this nominee has been involved in, but I’ll just say vigilance in any contest involving this man is good medicine.

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