Center Right!

Here is a graph of the latest Gallup poll. As you can see, as many of us believe, this is a Center Right country.

The data was accumulated from, get this, 40,000 interviews!

If the Obama Administration doesn’t get a clue or continues to ignore these hard realities, there will be a political revolution.


  1. What is interesting in the explanation is that for Republicans 73% call themselves conservative while for Democrats 40% are moderates, 38% are liberal and 22% are conservative, seemingly much more diverse.

    With adults under 30 the same basic percentage say they are liberal (31%) as conservative (30%).

    These factors don’t look good for the future of the GOP.

  2. here is the interesting part of the data you left off from the poll…

    Thus far in 2009, Gallup has found an average of 36% of Americans considering themselves Democratic, 28% Republican, and 37% independent. When independents are pressed to say which party they lean toward, 51% of Americans identify as Democrats, 39% as Republicans, and only 9% as pure independents.

  3. Frank Coz says

    Parties contest elections, not ideologies. The GOP should shudder at this data. The party’s done a poor job of speaking to this center-right nation, and its task will only get more difficult.

  4. James Davidson says


    There’s nothing surprising at all about a relatively high number of adults under 30 calling themselves liberal. What is surprising is that the percentage is not much higher. Youth is full of idealism and inexperience. What changes everything is having kids and gaining experience. As Lady Thatcher said, the facts of life are conservative. As the idealism of youth wears thin when faced with practical realities, people tend to become more conservative. You have heard the famous quote attributed to Churchill that when you are old and not conservative you have no brain. Gallup bears out Thatcher and Churchill.

  5. James,
    I expecting to see a response citing both of these trite quotes, however, when one looks at actual polling numbers there has been a significant shift to the liberal side on many issues in that age group. If one is in the GOP, this is one of many trends which should be concerning.

  6. While we are busy calling each other RINO’s and fighting with each other, the Dems are registering more people and more people are switching to Ind just to not be associated with a party. The Rep Party better get with it very quick and realize that a civil war in the party will get us nowhere.

  7. James Davidson says


    It’s not concerning at all. I left out one big reason why liberal youth blossoms into conservative middle-aged parents — taxes. Liberalism means big government. You cannot run big government without higher taxes as WonderBoy is beginning to find out. When the Democrat President and the Congress raise taxes substantially to fund stimulus, cap and trade, and health care, let’s see who wins. As for the Churchill and Thatcher quotes, trite to you, true to me. Both achieved some renown in their lives, so they might have learned a thin or two.

  8. The idea that people are more liberal when they are younger and grow more conservative with age is not substantiated by any polling or evidence. What those things do indicate, however, is that people tend to stick to either their ideologies or parties if they have supported them for long enough time. For example, young people who voted for a Democrat or a Republican three times in a row in a Presidential election are much more likely to stick to that the rest of their lives.

    As an aside, did Gallup push the moderates to say which way they lean, liberal or conservative?

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