Whew! Black History Month ended just in time to give Americans—exhausted from a month of vigorous celebrating—time to recover. Promoters of Brown History Month, Yellow History Month, Red History Month, White History Month and Green History Month will continue to have to wait for a month of their own. There was a time when we celebrated the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in February but Liberals put an end to that (be warned, they’re still working on exterminating Christmas). I wonder what Barack Obama does during Black History Month—since he’s only half black maybe he only celebrates half the month?

Black History Month reminds me of that portion of an application form that asks for the race of the applicant; race is not supposed to matter but everyone knows that it does—especially to Liberal policy-makers and administrators. Despite the Civil War, a civil rights movement, several acts of congress, amendments to the constitution and ongoing preferential treatment Liberals are still convinced that new and institutionalized racism is the cure for past racism. They must believe that new injuries cure old injuries.

While we’re on the subject of needless celebrations maybe it’s time we resurrect one of the ancient celebrations and replace Black History Month with it. The Romans had some exciting ones to pick from and none of them have yet been ruined by Liberals. We could have it in February and best of all, all Americans could participate—not just the preferred few.


  1. kralmajales says


    I think you are trying like hell to be reasonable here…or more directly…you ARE reasonable.

    Black history month is not for African-Americans to seperate themselves or a time for African-Americans to reflect on their history alone, it is very much the opposite. It is about getting the rest of us to take note of it, learn more, and to see what actually happened. You should know that what you learned about the civil right struggle in high schools is only a teeny tiny tip of the iceberg, just one bit in a class. What you learned in college…likely the same.

    One example, if you go to the University of Arizona there is a teeny tiny but impressive part of their art exhibits dedicated this month to the Scottsboro Boys trial. It is FASCINATING. It is not there to make us feel bad bout ourselves as whites, or guilty, or anything else. It is to learn…and see what happened, how it happened, and in this case how 8 young man falsely accused of rape because they were black, prosecuted because they were black, and without much of a shred of evidence, captured the attention of so many groups in society and how change occurred because of this trial.

    It is fascinating on its face and it teaches us how all of us got the right to effective counsel and the right to be tried by a jury of our peers without exlusion of race.

    Seriously take a little time to look. It wont make you a liberal, it wont hurt you, it will make you smarter and a better person.

  2. “Care to explain how Black History month is more oppressive than slavery was?”

    I don’t care to explain how Black History month is more oppressive than slavery, I made no such statement. However, your failure to accurately quote what I said despite the fact that its written in black and white truly illustrates the statement I did make.

  3. The Klute Says:
    March 3rd, 2010 at 6:29 am

    “There have NEVER been Klu Klux KLan members in the GOP.”

    I’m curious, is it possible for you to do even one post without an obvious misstatement/lie in it?

    David Duke, GOP candidate for LA governor is the most obvious example.

    And where is he now? Just how long did he make it after he declared himself out of the blue to be a Republican to weasel into Louisiana politcs?

    He was openly criticized for being an opportunistic parasite on the party. He tried that route and didn’t get anywhere – dead-ended.

    No one in the Democratic Party put up a complaint, much less the irate groundswell of revulsion and condemnation the GOP membership put up against Duke’s little machinations, about Robert Byrd, who has served for decades rising to President Pro Tem of the Senate, 4th in line to the Presidency.

    But you know all that and still have a need to try to excuse and dodge the Democratic Party’s century and more suppression of Blacks.

  4. todd Says:
    March 2nd, 2010 at 11:10 pm
    wanumba – Who is arguing US History should be taught starting in 1877? Really that is absurd. It is equally absurd to suggest schools start teaching US History at 1850.

    Of course you are referring to the erroneous report that NC schools had a plan to eliminate teaching US History pre-1877 when in fact they have a plan to increase history classes by adding an extra 1/2 year in the fifth grade and a full year in middle school. Of course you read something on some website and automatically believed it because it fits into your narrow worldview.

    I have actual kids in actual SCHOOLS. I’ve had the syllabi in my hands four times and counting, and can testify that American history is vanishing as a subject before our eyes.

  5. “It was President Johnson in the 60s that passed the Civil Rights Act and that drove many a southernor segregationist democrat toward the GOP”



  6. Jane Says:
    March 3rd, 2010 at 10:52 am
    ‘I don’t care to explain how Black History month is more oppressive than slavery, I made no such statement…..’

    So when you said the following in the context of discussing Black History month which you believe is part of a revisionist history project –
    ‘I’d say all the revisionist tip-toeing is more oppressive than slavery ever was’ what did you mean? Seems your meaning was quite clear.

  7. “I have actual kids in actual SCHOOLS. I’ve had the syllabi in my hands four times and counting, and can testify that American history is vanishing as a subject before our eyes.”

    This is your perception and I don’t trust your perception based on your skewed understanding of events and history. However, you made a specific claim about history and 1877. Have you seen this with your own eyes or were you just regurgitating stuff you blindly believed to be true because someone told you.

  8. kralmajales says

    Wanumba #55,

    NEWSPEAK??? are you kidding? Are you one of THOSE conservatives that, when confronted with facts, says…aw thats just the liberal media or a bunch of liberal professors.

    This is just plain true. There was a partisan realignment in the late 60s that led to Republican dominance of the south. It was a widespread rejection of what the democratic party had become, which was more liberal, more supportive of civil rights, more supportive of civil liberties. Those who were once segregationist drifted to the GOP …following none other than Goldwater himself. Those with attitudes in the south that were similar also went GOP.

    I think you would agree that the Democrat party changed…that is undisputable, but what you regard as the party of Lincoln and civil rights also changed dramatically as well.

    And what it tends to produce is posts like this one.

  9. kralmajales says

    Oh..and I know a good bit more about this than you might think. I was a conservative republican that left Appalachia and got involved in the south. When I went to meetings they were almost lilly white. When I asked why there were no African-Americans involved, some, to there credit talked lengthily about the need to open the party and consider issues of importance…such as civil rights. Others balked massively. When there was discussion about where to campaign, the GOP in this particular southern city would not even campaign or even try to make inroads into the African-American communities. Not where our voters are…they won’t vote for us anyway…but much more likely, they didn’t need them and most who supported them weren’t all that excited about having a strong African-American base in the party.

    I could go on and on about what I saw in modern cities like Atlanta in schools that is nothing more than “white flight”.

    And then there is how you win elections…like the Harold Ford ad which was blatantly race charged.

  10. kralmajales says

    You’d better wake up…grandma and grandpa aren’t going to live forever and at some point you are going to have to change your message. The youth of this country is far more sensitive to and cares about issues of diversity than your base does. When your base trickles away into history, well, lets just say your message is not going to appeal if it is filled with posts like this.

  11. wanumba,

    “And where is he now? Just how long did he make it after he declared himself out of the blue to be a Republican to weasel into Louisiana politcs”

    Ok, so now that we’ve established you’re a liar, is this a willful thing, or is some sort of neurological condition?

    Also – newspeak? If you’re going to reference Orwell*, at least know what the hell you’re talking about. Newspeak is a specific order of language – there are notes on it in the back of most copies of 1984 that I’ve read. Need me to send you a copy there, wan?

    * – Orwell and Alinsky! For a conservative, you do seem to borrow from a lot of socialists.

  12. “It was President Johnson in the 60s that passed the Civil Rights Act and that drove many a southernor segregationist democrat toward the GOP”

    Presidents don’t pass legislation, they either sign it or veto it.

    AS far as the ridiculous claim that “chasing segregationist southerners from the Democratic Party to the GOP ” …

    Chief Senate opponents of Civils Rights Act:
    Albert Gore, Sr.(D) Tennessee
    Sam Irvin (D) North Carolina
    Robert Byrd. (D) West Virginia

    Robert Byrd former Klu Klux Klan Kleagle, after being not only an active member of the Klan, to the point of being an officer and establisher of new Klan branches has spent his political career in the Democratic Party – rising to the TOP of Democratic Party leadership.

    All these hand-wringings and wailing and self-righteous snorting would be A LOT more convincing if the Democratic Party had purged the party of Byrd and his fellow travelers.

    From Congresslink.org:

    “Starting in 1933, up until 1964, for 26 major civil rights votes a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation 80% of the time while the majority of Republicans voted in favor 96% of the time.”

    In the House, 80% GOP voted in favor versus only 63% of Democrats.

    This is public record.

  13. One feels a “sort of neurological condition” coming on when rediscovering this inconvenient history:

    During the Lousiania Senate campaign, the Republican Party endorsed the Democratic Party challenger Edwards against the Democrat Proud to be KKK David Duke, who had self-registered as a Republican, a total GOP rejection of the Democrat weasel.

    The GOP repeatedly repudiated Duke’s many attempts to seek elected offices, to the point of trying to block his candidacy or by endorsing his Democratic opponent.
    Democrat Proud to be KKK David Duke won the Democratic Vice Presidential nomination in New Hamphire in 1988.

    Lousiana’s most famous campaign slogans were:
    “Vote for the crook, it’s important” and “Vote for the lizard, not the Wizard,”

    not exactly stirring endorsements of the quality of the Democratic Party candidate Edwards.

    Compare this history with the Democratic Party response to Grand KKK Kleagle Senator Byrd – awarding his Democratic Party service with increasing responsibilites and power over decades.

  14. wanumba,

    You seem to know alot about a Republican Klansman – and earlier you said: “There have NEVER been Klu Klux KLan members in the GOP.”

    So I can only assume you’re a liar, the aforementioned degenerative neurological disorder, or crack. Is it crack, wanumba?

  15. You guys really are the worst kind of people.

  16. A life-long Democrat KKK who works the system to try to advance his personal goals without success, because the Republicans rejected him, so he abandons his charade and chases off to look for other political alliances is somehow a typical Republican?

    An attempt at making a manipulative Democratic Party sneak who abused the process to promote himself at the expense of the GOP as somehow equivalent to the long and sordid history of the Democratic Party oppression based on race in this country is like comparing a gnat to a vulture on the basis they both have wings.

    Not talking to you, dude, but always to the audience. You aren’t interested in open debate and discussion, but in shutting it down. You have your own blog, yet you hang here belittling posters, slinging insults and making every attempt to distract readers from learning anything outside a narrowly constructed box. A censor, trying to keep people ignorant.

    Call me or anyone else ALL the stupid names you want. It only enlightens us all about YOU, nothing else.

    Oh, given the subject, I just don’t see any smooth way to insert a mention that Obama used US taxpayer funds to illegally campaign in Kenya, meddling in a foreign country’s internal political affairs for a foreign candidate in 2006? His choice of candidate went on to unleash a bloodbath that killed over 2,000 Kenyans and displaced more than 200,000. Nice guy. Not many people know people that ruthless.

    How much US taxpayer money was spent on that? You, Klute were able to drag up the Senate Foreign Relations Committee records on that trip, a nice bit of confirming. What ELSE could you dredge up that you won’t regarding how responsibly Obama manages US taxpayer money?

    Another “yawn?”
    Which is code for “inconvenient topic, running away to google”

    Oh, new tactic … crack. Yep, THAT’s IT!
    Wow. Like wow. Found out!

  17. wanumba,

    “because the Republicans rejected him”

    Really? Because last I checked, the Republican rank-and-file, you know, WE THE PEOPLE, nominated to be their standard bearer in the LA Governor’s election.

    And then 671,000 people voted for him.

    So, no, they didn’t the GOP didn’t reject him.

    Now, I know that doesn’t fit into your little preconcieved notions about the way the world works, but to quote The Beast from Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitian: “That’s f***ing tough”.

    You lied wanumba, you were in possession of the facts, because you knew about Duke, but chose to make a false statement. You’re not even man enough to admit – just a now 3 post thread to me to try to cover your ***.

    It only enlightens us all about YOU, nothing else.

  18. Motivated Voter says

    Wow – the original and subsequent ‘supporting’ posts really helps to solidify the opinion I have about the current GOP in Arizona.

    I volunteered for a GOP Congressman in a Northern state, and up there they didn’t tolerate this kind of side-show repulsive ideologue crap.

    It’s a bit like seeing your Crazy Uncle Freddy wandering around the front patio in his skivvies while he blathers about kids on his lawn. We might not disown guys like this because they are family, but we don’t put their image on the family flag and fly it proudly. We should look to be better instead of sinking to the lowest common denominator.

    The fact that the Sonoran Alliance found it appropriate to post this kind of drivel speaks volumes, and the ridiculous attempt to justify it (and tie it to the Democrats of yore, stupid accusations about school ‘indoctrination’, etc.) is NOT doing y’all any favors…nor are you helping the candidates who have their names riding alongside this article on your website.

  19. @todd, your monologues represent the “revisionist tip-toeing” I mentioned. They’re uneasiness and delusions about history. Black History month is the handi-work of race-baiters/racepreneurs who hitched their wagon to the legacy of MLK Jr. It serves their interests when whites, more than blacks, perpetually mourn slavery. That way when its time to fund a “non-profit,” there is chronic justification.

    In fact, Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley were arguing over whether Barack Obama has been using the R word enough. Smiley, who makes a living wallowing in race issues on PBS, was offended when Obama refused to attend his 2009 made-for-TV convention on the black agenda. Announced just today, Smiley convened another meeting in Chicago to develop “a new black agenda” with Jesse and Farrakhan. Obviously, the old agenda isn’t generating enough revenue. At this very moment, Smiley is making deals for television contracts to broadcast the event.

    Some mean well, but all the hypersensitivity when race institutions are challenged is immature.

  20. ………………
    “It only enlightens us all about YOU, nothing else.”

    No, it gets the spotlight off the Democratic’s Party’s racist history, from slavery to Jim Crow to segregation to quotas. But, let’s go right back to it.

    David Duke actually was a GREAT example of Democratic Party sheltering of the KKK.
    The Louisiana election was a great example of Democratic Party moral bankruptcy:
    “Vote for the lizard, not the wizard.”

    And you are an outstanding example of resorting always to name-calling when you need to change the subject.

  21. wanumba,

    History will remember that the Louisiana GOP rank-and-file elected David Duke to be their representative for Governor. That is the moral bankruptcy that will be remembered.

    You mentioned Orwell earlier – you have embraced doublethink. And in our story, you are as loyal to the GOP as Parsons was to IngSoc. You should be very proud.

  22. Jane,
    Black History Month was first instituted in 1926.

    Now, let’s return to your claim that Black history month is part of something worse than slavery. Are you going to explain your statement?

  23. Don’t be ignorant todd.

    First, I already explained my statement: you are uneasy and deluded when it comes to history. Second, you are having serious problems compiling an accurate history timeline. I’ve been on too many blogs with liberals who cite erroneous statistics to save face. Black History Month was “instituted” in 1986. Prior to that it was properly a simple observance by a historic association. Left alone Black History Month would not have been so bad. But as I said before, it’s been bastardized; you are making it worse.

  24. Motivated Voter says


    Far be in from me to step into the middle of your rant, but Todd is right.

    Black History Month was around and was actively recognized when I was in elementary school. I didn’t leave school quite as far back as 1926, but will say that I was already well out of Granimals by the 1980’s.

    I get where you are coming from with the whole ‘race baiters’ angle, but the whole implication that Black History Month is more oppressive than slavery?? Seriously??

    And one last thing – I also get just a wee bit incensed when I hear people banging on about ethnic studies and liberal indoctrination in schools. I volunteer in public schools and I have never, ever, seen anything that would bolster that stereotype. Teachers are soooo careful these days to stay neutral on all subjects. As a parent, it pisses me off that their measured professionalism gets shot into pieces by a bunch of blowhard comments like the ones made in this forum.

  25. Jane, you have not explained your statement at all, you simply attacked me for being, in your words, ignorant. You have also not provided any evidence of my ‘ignorance.’ I think you are unwilling to explicate your true thoughts because you know how they would appear to others.

  26. todd: you didn’t l-i-k-e my explanation, but I did in fact offer you one. I’ll make this final effort using your own words as context.

    from todd:
    “A large part of the early US was largely prosperous because of the extensive use of slave labor and all its horrible degradations, violence and cruelty. The faustian bargain made at the founding of the country has been a horrible wound which has ramifications today.”
    It’s okay to mention slavery without the melodrama. Unfortunately, black students aren’t left alone for 12 months without it being suggested that someone owes them something. Or that their challenges are bigger-than-life. Your “America is horrible” rhetoric isn’t compassion, its a call to guilt and racial tension–its destructive.

    also from todd:
    “Black history month is in part an attempt to make sure the story is told….”
    The 1926 Negro History “Week” was conceived e-x-c-l-u-s-i-v-e-l-y to celebrate black accomplishments. Not at all to mourn or “tell the slavery story.” Negro history week was observed within communities and successful in all the right ways. But along came 1986 and the racepreneurs, urging Congress to create National Black History Month, the subject of this post. National Black History Month called for a time to drag slavery to the table as though Americans need to gnash their teeth annually in order to really appreciate black achievement. It was a bad idea, and the logic is insane. Do whites need a Black History Month to appreciate their neighbors? No. Do blacks need it to keep on achieving? No.

    In 2010, why wouldn’t our complete history be taught in regular history class?

  27. Understand, I’m discussing the statement I made, not your twist on it. Altogether, I think your world view hinders race relations. When Black history month rolls around you justify it with “bad America…bad white forefathers…our “Faustian bargain” did this to you.” You won’t allow healing to take root. Makes you wonder, in which millennium will pitting one race against the other stop?

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