CD5 Update: David Schweikert Fundraiser

David Schweikert Fireside Chat

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Contact: Michael Juel, (602) 481-8962

Schweikert Fundraiser A Huge Success!

(Scottsdale, AZ) – In yet another fundraising success, Congressional House candidate, David Schweikert, announced today that his campaign continues to gain financial momentum.  In a fundraising event sponsored last Friday by Chad Kirkpatrick, Chairman of the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee,  over 125 guests packed the home of Chris and Susan Savittieri.

“I am deeply humbled by the support I have received for my candidacy,” Schweikert said in a statement issued by the campaign.  Money raised from this event has now gives the campaign a cumulative of over $600,000 in Schweikert’s bid to unseat Harry Mitchell.

“David’s message of fiscal responsibility and securing our borders is undeniably inline with the voters of this district,” said Adam Kipnes an attendee of the event.

Speaking to his guest Friday night, Schweikert said, “Last quarter our campaign outraised Congressman Mitchell.” He continued, “With your help tonight and your continued support throughout this campaign we will continue to remind Harry that his days in office are numbered.”

Running on a platform of Congressional reform, lower taxes, healthcare reform, and securing the border, former Maricopa County Treasurer David Schweikert continues to out raise every candidate in this race.  “With so many problems in Washington I am humbled that so many people believe I am the guy to change the way things are done in Washington,” Said Schweikert.

The David Schweikert for Congress Campaign would like to thank the host committee and all those who attended the event:  The Hon. Nancy Barto, Hon. Doug Clark, Hon. Sam Crump, Hon. Pamela Gorman, Hon. John Kavanagh, Hon. John McComish, Hon. Michele Reagan, Hon. Bob Robson, The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee Chairman, Chad Kirkpatrick, and Hosts, Chris and Susan Savittieri who were extremely gracious in opening their home for the evening.



  1. Did his fundraiser include another personal loan? Does the 600K include the $250K he gave himself. Eh…its still money and it still counts toward manning a campaign…but…

  2. Humble, schmumble. I urge every voter in CD-5 to try to meet Schweikert personally. He is creepy.

  3. nightcrawler says

    I agree all CD5 voters should meet David and all the other candidates. There are some high quality people in the mix.

    David is very bright and has a great sense of humor. I do not believe he is creepy by any definition.

  4. David likes to tote the amount of campaign funds he has on hand. What is less known is that a whopping $250,000 of his total is money from a second mortgage he took out on his home.

    There is nothing illegal about taking about a large mortgage long before the election to inflate one’s campaign fundraising numbers.

    However, running for office is a speculative affair. David knows this — he lost the last time he ran for Congress. Will he really be willing to mortgage his future in a bid for glory?

    Daivd doesn’t have any children, so he doesn’t need to worry about college expenses and the like. Still, $250,000 is a great deal of money for a guy who has earned a living in low level elected offices and by selling houses. It’s probably most of his net worth.

  5. Hilarious. Gee, “reader” sounds like the PR person for one of Schweikert’s opponents. Fair enough. The last time I saw someone ridicule a candidate for not having kids…it was Colette Rosati attacking one of her opponents whose wife, it turns out if I remember, had cancer and several miscarriages. And I don’t think serving in the state legislature and then as treasurer of the country’s 4th largest county are chicken scratch positions. There are billions of dollars at stake in those offices.

    This is classic campaign work. If you can’t attack your opponent on experience, loyalty, personality, capability, good looks, trustworthiness, reputation, family values, selflessness, and commitment…do your best to point out to everyone that, yeah, ok, he’s maybe a great candidate but just look at him…one of his shoes is untied.

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