CD5 candidate Jim Ward funded by open borders Chamber of Commerce

One of the carpetbaggers who has jumped into the CD5 race against Harry Mitchell is Jim Ward from California’s San Francisco area. The open borders Arizona Chamber of Commerce, known for fighting Arizona’s employer sanctions law through lawsuits and advocacy, is supporting Ward and putting on a fundraiser for him. We know who he will be beholden to if elected.

It is peculiar why any Republican would want the support of the Chamber of Commerce. The Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce is currently mired in scandal over its illegal donations to Democrat former Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross. They supported Manross last year over the principled Republican candidate Jim Lane, who nevertheless ended up winning. The Arizona Chamber has a reputation for protecting illegal immigration so big business can continue hiring and exploiting illegal immigrants, undercutting the salaries of hardworking Americans. Ward’s campaign contributors so far represent a who’s who of big business, with money coming from large grocers, hotels, etc. – the very kind of industries that tend to hire illegal immigrants.

Ward does not represent the interests of Arizonans, especially Republicans who want to protect our borders and enforce our laws against illegal immigration. 69% of Arizonans support employer sanctions against businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

Below is the email sent out by the Chamber of Commerce to its members, inviting them to a special fundraiser they are putting on for Ward:

From: Glenn Hamer []
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009 2:38 PM
To: Glenn Hamer
Subject: Invitation: Reception with Jim Ward

Dear Members of the Board of Directors:

On Thursday, December 17, 2009, Congressional candidate Jim Ward will be hosting a meet and greet at his house for various Board Members from several Chambers. Jim is running for Congress in District 5 and would like to give you the opportunity to hear from him.  Many of you already know Jim as a result of his participation in the Chamber, but for those who don’t, this is a great opportunity.

The event will be held from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. in Scottsdale. Further details and information on how to RSVP are attached.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. Thank you!


Glenn Hamer

President & CEO

Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry



  1. I’m getting disappointed with the quality of posts recently…

    Please do your readers a favor – enough of the outlandish and slanted posts. How about a little objectivity instead of fueling the fires within our own party and attacking our own? Just a thought.

  2. Havent I been saying for months on this site that the guys currently running against Mitchell are not the kind of candidates we need… Thank you for proving me correct again Jim Ward

  3. Tiny Elvis says

    pathetic post.

    you link a fake Twitter site and use a 10+ yr old photo of Ward?

    could care less about this race, but this is bottom of the barrel.


    Maybe TMZ has a Tiger Woods update I should be checking…

  4. dean ouellette says

    you guys are such idiots at times… sure they chamber may not be the best on the immigration issue but the chamber is one of the best supporters of small government low tax republicans that the right has. to cut them out because of one issue shows how ignorant to life you can be at times

  5. AZGOP Gal,

    This isn’t the first time you have dinged Schweikert. Who are you working for, Ward or Wnuck?


  6. As a supporter of David Schweikert (full disclosure) all I see on the invite is a notification to Chamber Board Members of the Ward function. Is there an endorsement that I’m not seeing? Would the Chamber also do the same thing for any of the other candidates? If David were to hold a fundraiser, would they also send a notice to members? I have to compare this to the same thing going on with any of the Republican social networking groups. If the Chamber did indeed endorse Ward over any other candidate or limits their list to one particular candidate, that would indicate an endorsement to me. I saw Glenn earlier today but this post had not gone live at that time. Maybe Glenn can chime in on the official policy of the Chamber.

  7. Take a look at this photo and see if you can pick out Jim:

  8. Dude with the Blue/White striped shirt under the “rationing” sign?

  9. Hey Frank – Did you read my comment? No stab at Schweikert. I’m not in any camp – just not into attacking or smearing fellow Republicans.

  10. Iris Lynch says

    Excuse me, but that ONE issue IMMIGRATION has a negative effect on just about any issue you can name…not 100%, but close. Jobs! law and order. health care. education. murder, rape, child rape, …incarceration…wages…interpreters..over population…voting…(except in AZ) housing and that is not all! It is amazing how many problems we could solve with simply enforcing our immigration laws which are there for good reasons.

  11. Iris,

    You must have read my quotes in yesterday’s Arizona Capitol Times article. Immigration is still a major issue to Arizonans and remains enmeshed in many issues. So which of the candidates are most pronounced and proven on this issue? Harry Mitchell certainly is NOT.

  12. One issue I do have with the post chewie is where did you get the old picture of Ward?

    Are you also attempting to make him look bad or make fun of his weight by showing him in this old picture?

    This seems like another post I saw last month here

    This site which is dedicated to attacking Jim Ward compares him to John Candy and has tags under such as “fatties” and “I love food”

    Now I am not saying this you Chewie but it has similar overtones and really does not further the discourse. It would not have been hard to find a normal picture of him.

    Things like that and this website (which I can only assume is run by the only candidate with the kind of resources to run other websites as well as their own) does not help the level of discourse and is pretty low.

    Attack him on the issues, or even as a nonviable candidate (which he is) but not their appearance….

  13. Looks like it’s not really a fundraiser. I don’t see it as an endorsement from the Chamber, just an invitation for members to get free booze.

    It’s like one of those timeshare events, if you stay for the whole hour you get a free tv.

  14. Oh brother! Somebody stop this guy, can his writing get any worse? Such over the top distortions are the kind of stuff Emily Bittner used to post, so now we have it on a conservative web site? Is this what SA wants as its reputation and associations? Lies, more lies, and distortions?

    Support your candidate Chewie…but stop with the old, bad photos and the absolute purposeful lies intended to mislead.

  15. Great post SA. But, I got a campaign letter from new LD20 Chaiman, Anthony Miller. Miller is a McCain staffer and Miller had Schweikert’s endorsement. Is Schweikert making a quiet move into the McAmnesty camp?

  16. This is the ongoing craziness in the GOP. So if Ward wins the primary, you will run an indie against him at the last minutes and if Mitchell wins, you will say, “I’d sooner have a D than a RINO.” Can anyone say NY23? Of course, maybe the D’s are putting some of these guys up to this to split the vote? Oh, of course, the R’s would never do that.. right!

  17. Ward doesn’t have a chance, everybody knows his campaign is imploding. The only reason he has done anything is that his father in law is friends with a certain US Senator.

    Hardly a qualification for Congress.

  18. I thought that was an old photo of Roger Ebert!

  19. I heard his father in law IS that senator.

  20. nightcrawler says


    Give the immigration song and dance a rest. Nobody cares. Seriously. Many years ago it was abortion that was the litmus test, these days it is immigration. Not all small business owners are “open border” proponents. Immigration has slowed down primarily due to the bad economy in general and lack of construction jobs more specifically. Candidates who run primarily (no pun intended) on immigration issues will get beat. CD5 is a case in point. JD lost his seat because of over the top rhetoric in 2006.
    Do you really feel 2010 will be different ?

  21. “Ward does not represent the interests of Arizonans, especially Republicans who want to protect our borders and enforce our laws against illegal immigration. 69% of Arizonans support employer sanctions against businesses that hire illegal immigrants.”

    Did Jim Ward every say that he doesn’t support employer sanctions against businesses that hire illegal immigrants? If so, please post that quote.

    Personally, I think Jim Ward can’t beat Harry Mitchell and probably shouldn’t be the candidate in CD5. So I am no Jim Ward supporter.

    But I also think a lot of the posts on Sonoran Alliance lately read like crappy political negative attack ads rather than blog posts.

  22. Jim Ward isn’t going to win. Bittersmith isn’t going to win. Schwiekert again? Nope. Wnuck? Please.

    C’mon guys! Where are the real candidates?

    Sometimes I think that Sonoran Alliance must be working for Mitchell, because nobody works harder to help Harry keep a tight grip on a district that the GOP should own. Nothing but vicious posts against fellow GOPers on this site instead of an ounce of energy exposing the liberal scourge representing us in Congress.

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