CD-8 – The Big “What If?”

The “new and improved” Tucson Citizen blog has a post about our recent mention of Republican Jesse Kelly’s campaign ad on the top of the Drudge Report.

The TC post begins with an observation about Rum, Romanism and Rebellion’s assertion that Kelly is a political newcomer, a political novice, against his gal, Gabby Giffords. The most interesting statement in the TC post is this:

Since Ted brought up the subject, let’s look at what Tim Bee was doing back in June of 2007. He was still President of the Arizona Senate and talking about his ability to work with Democrats. Because he decided to stay in the Senate he was not able to campaign. He did not enter the race until January, 2008 but he spent most of that year tangled up with a budget battle much worse than the one from 2007.

Based on what I’m seeing, the CD-8 race is shaping up to be extremely competitive. There is a world of difference between Tim Bee and Jesse Kelly. The Dems just don’t realize it yet.



  1. Eric Hurley says

    I think CD 5 and 8 are up for grabs and there is also a chance at taking back 1. I would like to see Hugh Hallman run for CD 5, I think he could beat Harry Mitchell easy. Hugh has plans for higher office in 2010 I just don’t know what they are.

  2. “The TC post begins with an observation about Rum, Romanism and Rebellion’s assertion that Kelly is a political newcomer, a political novice, against his gal, Gabby Giffords.”

    You seem to be talking pejoratively, but isn’t Kelley exactly that – a political newcomer and novice? His bio indicates no political experience whatsoever. I think that’s the very definition of “newcomer and novice”.

    Also, listing Duncan Hunter twice in the endorsements? “Hey, remember this gigantic loser? Well, he reeeeeealy likes me!”

  3. Hugh Hallman wouldn’t get double digits against Mitchell and wouldn’t even come close to Schweikert who is running again. He won’t beat Mitchell though, too popular and too many votes that can’t be criticized.
    1 is getting harder and harder with her backing Republican things like the mine land swap etc.

  4. Mitchell won through hard work. Astute voting since will win him some votes. Any opponent will need to be better than the average bear to prevail against him.
    However, has Mitchell done anything to end the US empire overseas? No. Has he done anything to reduce out of control spending? No. He will position himself carefully but his ideology is same old Democrat policy which is going to wear on the public eventually.

    If his opponents have something to offer then the voters may well consider an alternative.

  5. Klute is an idiot says


    Your ignorance continues to amaze me. Mr. Kelly has been endoresed by BOTH Duncan Hunters. Yes, that’s right. The FORMER Congressman and Presidential candidate, and his SON, a combat veteran and current US Congressman.

  6. Frightening. Kinda like “The Boys from Brazil”, but from Southern California.

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