CD-8 Candidate Dave Sitton Raises Concern over Arizona HB 2549

April 3, 2012 (Tucson, AZ) – In response to Arizona HB 2549, a bill that critics believe violates First Amendment speech rights on the Internet, Arizona Congressional Candidate Dave Sitton encouraged the legislative conference committee, where the bill now sits, to either kill the bill, or to more narrowly define the bill to make it Constitutional.

“I understand that the intent of the bill was to protect certain people from being stalked or threatened and there are laws on the books that already do that. It is obvious, however, that the language of the bill goes much further, and could criminalize behavior that the bill was not intended to address. Most people have been annoyed at times by what they have read on the Internet, but there are definite First Amendment protections for this type of speech that this law puts into jeopardy.”

Sitton believes that more narrowly defining the scope of the bill to one-on-one communication such as text messaging or emails sent to a private email account would go a long way to making the bill both constitutional and effective in the manner intended by the legislators.

In reference to State Senator Frank Antenori, who voted for the bill, and is also running for the Republican nomination in the Arizona Eighth Special Election, Sitton encouraged Antenori to show a little more care and diligence before voting, stating “One of the biggest reasons why congress and elected officials remain unpopular is because they tend to rush through bills without understanding the effect that they may have outside of the intent of the drafters.”

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  1. North Valley Patriot says

    Dave who?

    • Conservative Railbird says

      This is why David Sitton is UNQUALIFIED to be elected to the US Congress… he is unfamiliar with existing Arizona law on this subject and he’s running his mouth without doing his homework.

      David Sitton should NOT be sent to Congress no matter how much Jim Click wants to send him there!

  2. Mike Trotter says

    Maybe Mr. Sitton should quit taking legal advice from crackpots and lawyers that can’t pass the bar exam and actually read the bills in the context of the statute they are amending.

    • Conservative American says

      What you wrote doesn’t inform us with any factual data. Have some facts to present?

  3. The old saying “don’t try this at home” comes true once again. Mr. Sitton would do well to do some research before blasting away. Looking at the front page of the Repugnik or the Red Star and deciding policy direction is a scary thought for some one who wants to go to DC. But then again, what is to be expected from a radio announcer used to reading headlines?

  4. RyaninTucson says

    Color me relevant?

  5. Sooooo. . . JW, it appears that Mr. Sitton was right as the bill was withdrawn for retooling, likely to never be seen again. Remeber that when the other candidates talk about the constitution, one had the courage to stand up and say that this law was out of whack, two stood silent, and another VOTED for it.

    Just sayin. . .

    • Conservative Railbird says

      Learn the law and read the ARS on the subject. This legislation was only and extension of existing proven Arizona law on the subject – no new ground here, only new technologies.

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