CD-5 update.

The Ogsbury campaign is reporting over $350,000 raised in the “period ending September 30th.” The news was sent out via a slick e-mail update but has not yet been posted on their web site. We have not seen any numbers from the other campaigns. The press release does point out the negatives of the current congressman Harry Mitchell. A short note at the bottom of the story does disclose that $250,000 of the funds is a loan from the candidate. We will continue to follow the other campaigns and post their numbers as they are available.

For a list of the candidates see Arizona Politics.


  1. An impressive number, until you see the loan. Still, $100,000 for a candidate the district doesn’t know isn’t too bad. I’ll be interested to see how much of his money came from Arizona and from the district itself.

  2. Isn’t Ogsbury a Washington D.C. lobbyist? You are right- it will be interesting to see how much is from AZ (most likely little) and how much is from his lobbyist friends in DC.

  3. Outside looking in... says

    Glad to see AZ is rallying behind Ogsbury… oh wait, glad to see DC LOBBYISTS are rallying behind Ogsbury. Just what we need…

  4. It’s refreshing to see a Republican with solid fundraising numbers.

    Labor unions, trial lawyers, and will be pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into this race to defend Mitchell.

    To be competitive Republicans will need a nominee who can raise money. Ogsbury is off to good start.

  5. Not a really good start mk. He only raised $100k. Not bad, but hardly great. And if folks think you’re just going to be a self-funder, they won’t give to you, preferring to give to other candidates who “need it more”. You can see some of that with Romney at the national level.

  6. ScottsdaleGirl says

    $350K, I think there is a new top candidate in-town! Regardless of the minimal contribution Ogsbury made to his own campaign, I think he is drawing a line in the sand. Not only does he have a message (smaller government and fiscal responsibility) that will resonate with CD5 voters, he also is showing he has the financial support to win. Mitchell should be worried.

  7. ScottsdaleGirl is clearly on the Ogsbury payroll. Good grief. New top candidate? Minimal contribution? I think the only part you got right was “new in town”… He gave himself a check for more than 70% of his money and you call that “minimal”? Laugh OUT LOUD!

    The seat isn’t for sale, but even if it was, it would cost Ogsbury more than $350k.

  8. He “only” raised $100,000? That’s pretty impressive. Anyone who says otherwise probably hasn’t had to raise a nickel.

    Hate to say it, but since it comes up on every post on this website, how much has the state party raised in the same time period? LOL.

  9. $350K is impressive by anyone’s standard. If the Republicans hope to take back this seat they have to have a candidate that has some money. I don’t know much about Ogsbury – but so far he is doing the right things and saying the right things for the R’s to get this seat back. With him in the race we might have a shot.

  10. It’s uncanny that we talk about corruption in politics and how politicians are listening to special interests more than the constituents and then only give a man credit as a viable candidate for a party when he hits a certain benchmark in the bank rolls.

  11. Looks like Ogsbury is ‘all-in’. Looks like he will have the money to compete. Now, if only people would give him a chance to make his case instead of firing pot shots at him, we can hear what he has to say. I like what I’ve heard so far…

  12. Paul,

    That is exactly what we at SA are doing by covering the press release and linking to his campaign site.

  13. Come on, D.C. lobbyists need some love too. But seriously, does Ogsbury consider himself to be a fiscal conservative? if so, how many millions in pork has he lobbied to include in earmarks on a national level? Considering that much of his $100k more than likely came from his DC Lobbyist friends, as a Congressmen, will he let them undually influence him, as he might be sympathetic to their plight as a lobbyist?

  14. The post said the details of the contributions hadn’t been reported yet, so commenters feel compelled to claim they already know it came from DC? Also, DC politico’s look at contested primaries against incumbents the way they look at sour milk. They avoid it. If Ogsbury has raised that much in that kind of environment, it means he is making a solid pitch. In the old days, this kind of announcement would be called “big mo'”, as in momentum.

  15. Washington lobbyist raising money from Washington lobbyists and loaning your own campaign money earned as a Washington lobbyist. Anyone want to guess who will have access to Ogsbury and the staff, or who he will be representing?

  16. kralmajales says

    Wow…that is impressive. A $300K start is quite impressive. Let’s see what Mitchell has for Sept. 30th…remember…he had a 1/2 million in the last quarter on hand.

    Now..what is MOST interesting is that Knaparek apparently raised a paltry 30K by Sept. 30th (reported to the FEC on their website). Not sure that she is going to have near enough to beat this Ogsbury person in the primary.

  17. kralmajales says

    Whoops…Just saw the loan of 250K. Actually, this makes Laura K. and her 30K in the quarter not all that bad. Still…350K versus 30K isn’t at all good either.

  18. Does ‘Sonoran Alliance’ interview candidates? I’m sure your readership would appreciate the opportunity to hear the candidates speak for themselves.

  19. I think interviewing candidates would be an excellent idea.

    Kral- Ogsbury has been in the race alot longer than Knaperek, who really had 2 weeks to raise the $30k. She’s just starting…

    I understand she has several fundraisers lined up.


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