CD-5 Debate Today!

LD 20.

Don’t miss the CD-5 debate being sponsored by Legislative District 20 Republicans today.

All six Republican candidates have been invited and are expected to be there to discuss and joust on the issues.

The debate will be held at Mountain View Lutheran Church located at 11,002 S. 48th Street (48th & Elliot) beginning at 10 AM.

Candidates participating include: Susan Bitter-Smith, Dr. Eric Salvino, Jim Ward, Mark Spinks, Lee Gentry and David Schweikert.

More information on the debate can be found here


  1. Such a disappointing group of candidates… First there is baby killer susan… Then salvino who has federal bankruptcy judgments against him… Lee all I have are degrees gentry…. Jim I’m boring as hell ward…and Labor loving scweikert…and mark who the hell is this spinks…

    Great another 2 years of harry mitchell…

  2. Don’t hold back johnny, tell us what you really think.

  3. I think its pretty clear these candidates generally suck.

    I really wanted JD to get in here again. He could have raised the money necessary to compete easily and would have taken the seat from a dem as opposed to taking on a republican.

    I know mccain is a weak republican at best but I jst feel you don’t try to elect better conservatives till you have a majority first.

  4. Bob Bohanon says

    I disagree. There are a couple of good candidates. It sounds to me like it’s time for you, johnny, to get in there and run. Maybe you would be the solution.

  5. Bob,

    Who is a good candidate? Just curious..

    And I would love to be in Congress but I hate their life style and how they constantly have to raise money and travel back and forth. Its not worth it to me

  6. Bob Bohanon says

    I see some strengths in a couple of the pro-life candidates in CD5. I don’t live in the district nor do I work for any of the candidates so I won’t get into this game with you, johnny. Interesting that you want JD to get in there again. He is no different in substance than a couple of your candidates. They would all vote the same in Washington. It sounds to me as if you have a horse in this race.

  7. And what horse do I have? I don’t like any of them. I like jd not as much for substance he had name ID and the character traits to win, unlike these losers.

  8. Rosco P Coltrane says

    That’s a good reason to vote for someone – they have name ID and they can win the election.

    Then they get there and they expand big government into even bigger government.

  9. Mr. Conservative says

    Schweikert is a good candidate & he has an excellent record as a state legislator & as the Maricopa County Treasurer… None of the others candidates have the level of traceable creditability that Schweikert brings to this race. I’m going to vote for David Schweikert after meeting him & listening to the man speak on Saturday.

  10. Mr. Conservative,

    One meeting with a guy and you are ready to vote for him?

    Something tells me you also backed him 2 years ago….

    Schweikert has name ID but his campaign last time was a JOKE, he had no people on the ground at the beginning or end and a horrible lack of GOTV.

  11. Bob Bohanon says

    You’d be smart to look at a candidate’s history. Wasn’t Schweikert in the State Legislature and wasn’t he the County Treasurer. I think his voting record in the legislature would give you a clear indication of who he is, not his campaign being a “joke”. With all due respect, your posts sound emotional, like a scorned woman.

  12. Bob,

    Why even say with all due disrespect when you don’t mean it?

    I am annoyed with schweikert he ran an inept campaign in a plus 11 GOP district… Any campaign that is run well should have beat mitchell. Schweikert has his chance and blew it. I don’t think he deserves another chance…

  13. Roger Maris says


    You are a putz…

    A campaign that is outspent 5 to 1 will never win unless there is an overwhelming anti-incumbent ferver, ie Scott Brown.

    The last time we saw the same excitement equal to Scott Brown was…. hmmmm…. I don’t know… 2008 – Barack Obama… except that wasn’t limited to just the great state of Mass… It was freakin Nationwide…

    The fact of the matter is Schweikert did have a fantastic GOTV… filled with 100’s of volunteers… he just ran into a buzzsaw of Obamafever and DCCC cash…

    Perhaps if you were Johnny on the spot you would stop hiding here on Sonoran Alliance pretending to be Lee Atwater reincarnate and either open you freakin checkbook or get to the library to gather signatures…

    Do something more constructive please than act like you know what happened in 08

  14. hahahahaha coming from a guy whose name is Roger Maris and you accuse me of hiding?

    I have donated to plenty of campaigns and volunteer all the time.

    Schweikert had volunteers that were provided to him by the party but he had very few of his own. I WAS THERE, there was a feeling the entire GOTV that Schwiekert was dead in the water and it was pointless to do anything. David did not to change that. Thats my problem with David he is not very charismatic he is not a great speaker and people have already seen him on the ballot and not voted for him.

    Also you cannot blame Obama, McCain won CD-5 handily in 08. That was not the issue. In a district that is still a plus 10 R district should not have been hard to win.

    Also Scott Brown was not outspent 5 to 1. if you think that you are on crack. The RNC pumped MILLIONS in at the end. This was not known till after the RNC came out with its quarterly numbers so it may have appeared that way initially. But it happened.

    So maybe you should be the one to check your facts before you do speak.

  15. Michael Juel says


    As David’s former finance director, I can tell you that David was outspent by millions.

    The DCCC pumped endless resources into mail and tv as where the NRCC was hampered by a limited budget.

    Coupled with the fact that there was a bitter primary battle, Mitchell/DCCC was able to spend 5 to 6 million in the last two months where Schweikert maybe had 1 million.

    To state that David should have won just because McCain won cd 5 is flawed…

    Your revision of the facts are laughable…

    The party did not provide those volunteers, the campaign did a good job of reaching out to them. Certainly some of those volunteers are PC and party faithful but by no means were they directed to the campaign.

    There are many factors as to why a campaign is or isn’t successful but certainly not the ones you’ve stated above.

  16. So you are not trying to even argue as the previous poster did that David was outspend 5 to 1 overall. You are saying in the last month David basically ran out of money and didnt get help from the NRCC and was outspend by a large margin at the end.

    Why do you think he did not get help from the NRCC in a seat that is a plus 10 R advantage?

    Maybe because they saw what you fail to see and the other David supporters do fail to see his campaign was DEAD in the water. He had no chance!

    Where the GOP is 40% of the registered voters he only got 43% of the vote!

    Also when I say people were provided by the party I am talking about the EXACT people you mention, the PCs and party faithful were not there for David specifically they were there for the party.

    He did not bring in enough of his own volunteer base that is outside of the normal people. Especially in a presidential year that is how you win campaigns.

    I did not say David should win JUST because McCain did but why did David lose so many people who crossed over to vote for Harry? It was not because of part affiliation… It was Davids message did not resonate and he did not run a good enough campaign for even the NRCC to help out a candidate in a district that they had initially said was one of their top races to take back in 08.

    So David had his chance and showed he couldnt do it… Time to move on…

  17. Austin Bates says

    Before writing off all of the Republican candidates, it might not hurt to go out and listen to a few of them 1st. There are actually some strong candidates that are fighting for the right reasons and not just for themselves.

    If we want to rid ourselves of Harry Mitchell then we need to all get engaged and get involved and pick the candidate that we feel can win. There was less than a 20% turnout at the 2008 primary and we have to do better than that if we expect to solidify the base and actually have a representative be accountable to us.

    I actually have been helping out the Mark Spinks campaign, and regardless of who you back, you either need to back someone, or run yourself if you feel there is nobody here that supports your views.

    Money and name recognition are important, but maybe there is a slim chance that the right message, life experience, passion and ability can overcome Harry Mitchell’s war chest and lead one of these candidates to victory.

    Without us getting involved and helping to get others involved, none of these guys will have a chance. So instead of bashing them all without ever speaking to them, thank them for taking the time away from work and family, for spending their money and energy to try and better this country at a time when most want to complain but are still unwilling to really put for the time and sacrifice.

    If you aren’t willing to step up and add to the solution then you don’t have the right to complain about the problem.

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