CD-5 Debate: Schweikert vs. Mitchell on Taxes & Economy

Sonoran Alliance has learned that the stage may be set for what will likely be the most lively debate amongst the two candidates vying for the Congressional 5 seat. We have preliminary word that the Arizona Chamber of Commerce may host the event. A date is currently pending. Here is the text of a press release issued by the Schweikert campaign:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 23, 2008
Contact: Lauren C. Barnett

Schweikert Challenges Mitchell to Debate Tax and Fiscal Issues

Scottsdale, AZ – Today, candidate for Congress David Schweikert challenges Harry Mitchell to a debate on tax and fiscal policy. 

Instead of Harry Mitchell’s campaign staff sending hollow press releases twisting and grossly distorting David Schweikert’s tax policy, David knows the voters want real dialogue,” said Schweikert campaign spokeswoman Lauren C. Barnett.

David Schweikert stated, “America is facing incredibly serious financial challenges.  Families are worried about losing their home, struggling to pay their bills and witnessing unprecedented bailouts by the Federal government.  The voters deserve to have me and Rep. Mitchell debate the matters impacting America’s financial future. 

“I challenge Congressman Mitchell to a public debate on tax and fiscal policy,” concluded Schweikert.


  1. Fake David Schweikert says

    I’m a good guy, it’s just too bad I’m surrounded by idiots advising me who couldn’t campaign their way out of a wet paper bag.

    Someone should buy me a tee-shirt that says:

    “I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and all I got was a lousy gas station PR stunt?”

    I hate my life.

  2. Good to see the Libs back posting. You can always tell when they get scared because their goofball posters like the person above come back to posting. To keep with the theme above how about:

    Fake Harry Mitchell:

    I blown thru nearly $200,000 in taxpayer funded franked mail, I have my pal Nancy Pelosi spending thousands on TV, I have taken thousands and thousands from the liberal labor unions and paid them back handsomely with my voting, yet I’m still in trouble and need Nancy to help bail me out.

    I love my life as a liberal, not so much as a fake moderate. Maybe, I can get my job back as Mayor and go back to raising taxes incessantly and using my juice to help convicted criminals.

  3. It’d be great to see the candidates get out there and talk about taxes and fiscal issues – it’d be really great to see them talk to voters about a financial issue of a different kind: Prop 200.

    This is an initiative backed by the payday system – a system that runs on trapping customers into loans with interest rates over 400%. Prop 200 would lock in those rates – forever.

    Our economy is in need of a clean credit market and 400% interest rates won’t cut it.

  4. Queen of Hearts says

    Fake David Schweikert,
    Those “idiots” poked their head out of their “wet paper bag” on September 2nd now, didn’t they?! Hmmmmmm. He’s a “good guy” and you are not!

    Get a life.

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