CD-4’s Janet Contreras on Fox & Friends

Congressional candidate, Janet Contreras was on Fox & Friends this morning. In case you missed it, here is the video from her appearance.

Janet is in an uphill battle against bunkered, no-show Ed Pastor. She can use our help. Please take a moment to visit her website ( and support her financially.


  1. Conservative 4 AZ says

    Shane, thanks again for bringing some contenders to the forefront.

  2. eEs, it’s nice to be able to see fresh faces and the contenders out there,especially Conservatives. Some of these people may not make it the first rounds, but we’ll be seeing them again and again in politics.

    We are due for a major shift – the Congressional and Senate leadership is literally OLD.

  3. VoiceInTheWild says

    Unfortunately, Eddie P. has way too much money. Janet has put in $25K of her own money and has virtually no other contributions in support. She would have been better to take her money and run for city council or state legislature. Sorry, until we can get a lot of bucks to battle a deep-seated Hispanic incumbent, it won’t matter.

  4. I will add my thoughts as to why every single voter in congressional district 4 should examine his principles and dedication and decide whether or not to put in some time and money to support a candidate who supports their ideals.

    Ed Pastor is a supporter of big health care. I don’t support government health insurance mandates and there are plenty of people who share my position.

    Ed Pastor is a supporter of big government borrowing

    Pastor does not embody Arizona values and I encourage anybody who values American self-determination to vote for a candidate that will end runaway government spending a regulating.

    It is the year 2010 and given the fact that nearly every American has access to the internet there is no need to concede a campaign because the incumbent has more money. There are plenty of incumbents who had plenty of money who have decided to retire because, in the end, money can’t buy you popularity if your your actions prove that you suck (Sen Chris Dodd and Sen John McCain being fine examples).

    In my case I will be supporting Joe Cobb for Congress in Arizona’s 4th district.

    Those who counsel not running should keep in mind a small group that in the late 1700’s took on a well funded opposition – and WON!

    You may remember them as the 13 colonies.

    Never discount an underdog.

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