CD-3 Watch: DeMenna Considering

Kevin DeMennaYellow Sheets is reporting that Arizona lobbyist Kevin DeMenna is considering jumping into the CD-3 race.

Well if Kevin doesn’t pull off a primary win, at least it will be good for business!


  1. You'll be sorry says

    … Imagine swapping out the honorable John Shadegg with Kevin DeMenna.

  2. PCbutnotPC says

    Who comes up with this stuff? DeMenna is a good LDS guy and there’s already at least one of the faith in the hunt. Sonoran Alliance, you sure it was the Yellow Sheet and not a just Yellow Journalism?

  3. Who else is LDS? Crump or Waring? I’m pretty sure its not Gorman.

  4. Heard it in the Halls says

    Open primaries come down to who can throw in their own money. To own one of the 535 shares of the Legislative Branch, you have to purchase “the stock”.

    That’s not a good district for a Mormon, but so many traditional Christians are running that a single LDS candidate could corner a little market.

    When you get to the North Valley or the Northwest Valley, that’s the “Bible Belt of Arizona.”

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