CD-1: Rusty Bowers In, Bill Konopnicki Waiting

I’ve alread previewed one candidate running in congressional district 1 – Bradley Beauchamp – whom I’ve thrown my support behind.

Now EspressoPundit is reporting that former state senator, Rusty Bowers will enter the race. This brings the total to three Republicans in the primary (did I forget someone else?) Rusty is a great guy and very smart but does he have the energy to run in a district that is incredibly widespread? Talk about a road trip!

Will Rusty’s yet to be announced declaration prompt the entry of state representative Bill Konopnicki? That is yet to be determined but let’s just say that if BK gets in the race he’ll have plenty of fast food profit money to finance the race.

I have to scratch my head about Republicans battling through a primary. Maybe it’s more like pulling my hair out. 2010 is going to be a great year for conservative challengers. As I’ve been saying, Democrats will be target #1 and incumbents, target #2 of voter anger. With so many Republicans climbing over each other to win a primary, it only reinforces the notion that Republicans are the “party of stupid.” It’s too bad that in all the anger to take on a Democrat, Republicans will beat each other up in a primary with the winner walking away battered and bruised and with little or no money to take on the Dem and probably the DCCC.

As the party of Jesus, I’m not seeing a whole lotta effort to have a come to Jesus meeting to settle on one candidate to challenge the sole Democrat.


  1. If Bowers to runs for CD 1 it will be a rerun of the last election, lobbyist from outside the district can’t win. Why do republicnas make it so difficlut don’t we ever learn? There will be no money for a Primay.
    Do we want to let Ann keep the seat?

  2. It’s hard to pin Bowers solely as a lobbyist. He had a respected tenure as a state senator and he’s proven to be a bit of a renaissance man as an accomplished artist. In other words, he can’t be painted as a knuckle dragger.

    I’m not sure if he still lives in Apache Junction, but he has a lot of rural support and goodwill, so that’s in his favor.

    As for the multiple-GOP primary. That’s hard to avoid. But if the trends hold up (and the election is too far away to predict that), 2010 should be better for Republicans. It could hardly be worse than 2006-08. By doing things like walking out of town halls, Kirkpatrick is setting herself up to be another Karan English.

    If you recall 1994, English had no primary and the GOP sent in Husk, Schweikert and some guy named Hayworth. Despite a contested primary, that worked out pretty well for the GOP in a district that’s very similar to the old CD 6 of that era.

  3. You got to be kidding says

    So far this is the list for CD 1:
    Bradley Beauchamp Globe
    Paul Gosar Flagstaff
    Debra Pearson Phoenix
    Bill Konopnicki Safford
    Rusty Bowers Mesa
    Sandra Livingstone DC

    From what I hear at least two more are considering the race. Just what Republicans need, a Primary.

  4. kralmajales says

    Ha…good news that people think Anne is beatable, bad news is, she isn’t and won’t be beaten. Go on, spend your money and political careers.

  5. Ann Kirkpatrick will be defeated. She is clearly not ready to be a true leader.

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    kralma? You don’t know much about the district do you? Rick Renzi could have beat Anne in 2008 even with his legal grief.

    You just don’t know the district. Truth is just one of those pesky things you can’t wish away.

    We’d love to see a match up between Konopnicki and Beauchamp, they’re the only serious candidates in this race. Either one can take out Anne in the General.

    Although there are rumors (yes just rumors) that Konopnicki’s health may not be up to the rigorous of a contested primary followed by wrestling (now there’s a visual) the district away from Anne. But I wouldn’t bet the franchise on that rumor.

    As for Gosar, Little Debbie, the Amazing Appearing Livingstone, and the singing cowboy from Mesa Rusty Bowers? Well, just keep to what you’ve been doing since 2008 and before – you’ve been doing it well.

  7. Some interesting comments here. I encourage folks to take a look at Beauchamp’s growing list of endorsements on his website and to take a look at his speech last night in Flagstaff at the National Tea Party Express. It can be viewed here:

    If you watched Greta tonight…you’ll notice Deborah Johns holding HR 3200…that’s Bradley’s copy from last night. Deborah asked for it after Bradley spoke last night. Dana Perino also used Bradley’s camel in the tent analogy from his speech this evening on Hannity. National folks are starting to pick up on Bradley.

  8. Sorry about the web address…here’s the correct address:

  9. Glen Canyon Mike says

    I met Beauchamp this last Saturday in Page – yup he actually visited all the way up here. He was informed, well spoken and passionate. His ideas made sense and he is putting his carrier on the like to make the run. I don’t see someone like this running for office very often. He has my vote.

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