CD-1 GOP Debate Now Online

Yesterday, the Mingus Mountain Republican Club sponsored a debate between the three Republican candidates running to replace Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick. Here are clips of the three candidates: Rusty Bowers, Paul Gosar and Bradley Beauchamp:


  1. Three nice guys but no real stand out. Ann is said to have over $1 million (report show almost $500 k with more to come soon). It will take at least $500K per person in the Primary to win the Republication spot. the real question is “Who can win the Gleneral Election”? Not one of these people-no money, no plan and shooting at each other and not Ann. When will we learn ONE GOOD person beats three OK people?

  2. Bradley Beauchamp would destroy Kirkpatrick in a debate.

  3. You got to be kidding says

    Debates do not win elections. Few people will see any debates for CD 1. Beauchamp is very narrow on what he says–no real handle on the issues but with some help could understand the issues better. Botton line with less than 4 weeks between the Primary and General election Ann wins!

  4. Bradley Beauchamp is not a man of character. After Superintendant Trent stepped down in Globe, some interesting things regarding Beauchamp came to light. While sitting as a member of the Globe school board, Beauchamp was on the Globe Union High School football staff. During one practice, Beauchamp went off on one of the players, calling him a “mother-f****r” and telling him to “get the f*** off the field.” (Beauchamp claims to love kids). It turns out that the kid he was cursing out was the defensive coordinator’s son! Mr. Ward, the DC, told Beauchamp he’d take care of it, and Beauchamp cursed him out and told him that he would have his friend Trent fire him, which he did. Not only that, but when Beauchamp found out that Ward had accepted a job in Gallup, NM, he told Trent about it and they got Ward’s job offer rescinded. That’s why Ward sued Trent and now Trent has resigned as superintendant to avoid being fired. (see CV 2009-0340, pp.5-6). A jury trial is coming up. The point is, if you mess with Brad Beauchamp, he will come after you. (And this is probably the reason while Beauchamp was voted out of the Globe school board). We don’t need a man like Beauchamp representing CD1!

  5. Bradley Beauchamp claims to love the Constitution but didn’t register to vote until he was 25. From age 28 to present, he has not voted in a Republican primary, yet he wants you to vote for him!


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