Representative Bob Robson – Release HB2026 & HB2330!

Conservative activists Marcus Huey just released the following email:

US House Representatives Franks, Schweikert, Salmon and Gosar have sent a letter to Arizona House Speaker Tobin, urging him to debate and vote on the union reform bills currently proposed in the legislature.

As of today, Tobin is still holding these bills. The logic (excuse?) Tobin seems to be using is to wait and see if the AZ Senate passes any union reform bills. If the Senate does not pass union reform bills, then why should the House be bothered?

UnionsThis is not true leadership. A real leader would be working for the distressed taxpayer and rallying his membership to get behind union reform. Passing off excuses and hiding behind the Senate is cowardly and WILL have consequences. If you are a government union supporter then man up and publicly admit it, stop using the system to hide. What happens at the legislature no longer stays in the legislature. Those days are gone.

Please help get Representative Ugenti’s HB2026, Paycheck Protection, and Representative Montenegro’s HB 2330, Union Transparency, moved out of Robson’s Rules Committee so that these important bills can be debated and voted on on the House floor. This is how true Democracy is supposed to work.

Please Email Rep. Robson at: | 602-926-5549

Also, let’s call Tobin’s bluff and get Senator Griffin’s Paycheck Protection bill SB 1182 approved in the Senate. This bill will be voted on at the beginning of this week. The vote is EXTREMELY close.

Please email and urge the following Senators to vote YES on SB 1182:

Senator Biggs: | 602-926-4371

Senator McComish: | 602-926-5898

Senator Crandall: | 602-956-3020

Senator Worsley: | 602-926-5760

Time is short – we need to get this done in the next few days or these bills will die!

Arizona Patriots – Urgent Call to Action – Contact Representative Bob Robson!

We have two important pro taxpayer bills being held in the House Rules Committee:

HB2026 (Rep. Ugenti) Paycheck Protection & HB2330 (Rep. Montenegro) Transparency in Government Union Negotiations

The Chair of the Rules Committee is Rep. Bob Robson. In last year’s legislative session Robson killed two pro taxpayer bills, by never giving them a hearing.

HB2330 & HB2026 meet Arizona Constitutional requirements and should be sent to the House floor for a vote, not held to die in Committee.

In the last session we scored a stunning victory. Versions of Consolidated Elections had been put forward and defeated in the AZ legislature for over 10 years.

Last session Rep. Ugenti sponsored HB2826, Consolidated Elections, and fought tooth and nail for this bill throughout the entire session. The activist community joined Rep. Ugenti in this battle and responded with hundreds, perhaps over 1,000, phone calls and emails to resistant legislators. In the end we prevailed.

It will take this same effort to get further union reform bills passed as we, unfortunately, still have Republican government union supporting legislative members.

We need HB2330 & HB2026 to continue the effort to level the playing field for the overburdened taxpayer.

It appears that Rep.Robson has chosen to be on the side of the government unions. 

It is up to us to stand up for the hardworking Arizona taxpayer.

PLEASE email and/ or call Rep. Robson, everyday if possible, and tell him that the taxpayers want HB2330 & HB2026 sent out of his Rules Committee immediately.

We need to get this done as quickly as possible.

Rep. Bob Robson: 602-926-5549 

If Robson is opposed to these bills, he can cast his vote on the House floor along with all of the other State Representatives.

This is a democracy, not a dictatorship.

Thank you again!

Marcus Huey
Arizona Taxpayer

Historic Union Money in AZ Legislative Races

The state of Arizona has been innudated by some of the nastiest attack mailers and radio ads ever seen in legislative races, the tab being paid for by independent expenditures Revitalize Arizona and Arizona Accountability. These two political committees have spent nearly $800,000 against five Republican candidates for the Senate in just the last few weeks.

Luige del Puerto, from Arizona Capitol Times notes, “The aggressiveness of the attack suggested that organized labor in Arizona and its allies adopted a specific strategy — to take out as many Republicans as they can, even those who are perceived to be somewhat sympathetic to unions.”

Senator Frank Antenori in LD 10 has endured 20 separate independent expenditure hits in the last 21 days, 14 from Revitalize Arizona and Arizona Accountability.  The pummeling of flyers include attacks about slashing schools money and programs like all-day kindergarten.  Senator John McComish endures attacks of accepting perks and freebies.  Senator Jerry Lewis, Chester Crandell, and Joe Ortiz round out the targeted group.


Robert Welch, Founder of the John Birch Society

Four More Years?

Sometimes, we must see the future clearly to act boldly in the present.
Take a glimpse into the darkness of Obama’s America in 2016.
High unemployment. Record high gas prices. The Middle East in chaos.
Religion on the run. Record debt levels. America downsized.
America downgraded.

CWA Union’s False Attacks: Did They Even Read the Parker Jobs Plan?

Parker Plan Specifically Called for New Spectrum Releases and Creating Jobs in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ – Today Vernon Parker pushed back against an ad launched by the Communication Workers of America, falsely attacking him. 

FACT: CWA is intentionally lying about Vernon Parker’s position on the Paul Ryan Budget; they are using a Facebook page “like” as justification of this.  ABC 15 in Arizona has previously called this line of attack “Fiction.”

“ABC15 determined that allegation is, once again, FICTION.”

Read more: 

FACT: In Vernon Parker’s “Plan for Prosperity” he specifically calls for greater broadband access which will create more jobs here at home. From the Parker jobs plan, p.5 col 3:


The digital age needs new solu­tions. We must open new spec­trum to handle the growing need for more users of mobile devices. I will work with the FCC to allow for more spectrum releases and work to make sure rural and ur­ban areas receive coverage. The more coverage we have will result in direct GDP growth.”

To read the full Parker “Plan for Prosperity” click: 

“I support releasing more broadband spectrum so that our economy can continue to grow and we can create good jobs here in Arizona and around the nation.  I challenge Irene Robles, to tell her bosses in Washington that she supports my plan for increased broadband and jobs for Arizona,” said Vernon Parker.

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