Slideshow from Politics on the Rocks’ McCain event

Republican Professionals Event With SOS Ken Bennett A Success

Secretary of State Ken Bennett was informative and entertaining at the Republican Professionals event held last week at the FireSky Resort in Old Town Scottsdale. Other elected officials in the audience were Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump, Scottsdale City Councilman Bob Littlefield. Numerous candidates attended as well, including Corporation Commission candidate Brenda Burns, and CD-7 hopeful Ruth McClung.

Here are some pictures from the event. Stay tuned for details to be announced soon for next month’s event!

Republican Professionals Host Secretary of State Ken Bennett


The networking group, Republican Professionals, is proud to have Ken Bennett as its guest speaker for an event to be held, tonight, at the FireSky Resort in Old Town Scottsdale. As secretary of state, Ken Bennett has won acclaim from all sides of the Republican Party’s big tent.

We invite you to join us and fellow professionals to network and mingle at the beautiful hotel. The event is being held at the hotel’s Taggia Restaurant from 6-8pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Beth Hoel

Thomas Galvin
Executive Vice President

Pictures from last night’s Politics on the Rocks with John Munger

Republican Professionals Politics on the Rocks photos from last Thursday

PR: Ron’s Back!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11th Burgundy Channel Features Big Name AZ Celebs, Politicos, Socialites; Big-Time News

What Do………Susan Bitter Smith, David Schweikert, Jim Ward, Doug Wead, Paul Bentz, Chuck Coughlin, Joe Yuhas, Wil Cardon, Cindy Crawford, Robert McGrath, Sea Saw Restaurant, Nathan Sproul, Russell Pearce & Jeanne Herberger………Have in Common?

The Burgundy Channel’s “Fastest News Show in the World ” Releases June 11th Installment Today

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, JUNE 11, 2009- He’s very important. He has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany. And he’s at it again.

He’s loved. He’s hated. He’s kind of a big deal. And so are you, should you find yourself among those featured in this week’s broadcasts.

To access the latest installment, visit and click on the link for “The Burgundy Channel.”

Pol-parazzi is back!

After quite a long hiatus, Sonoran Alliance’s Pol-parazzi is back!

Tonight a new group called Republicans Professionals – “Politics on the Rocks” – met at the W Hotel in Scottsdale. Here are a few photos courtesy of Arizona Intellectual Conservative:

Charles Jensen greets Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas who spoke to the gathering.Republican professionals get snapped by Pol-parazzi at the

Charles Jensen and Intellectual Conservative’s Rachel Alexander share a moment for the camera.

Charles Jensen and speaker, attorney and pro-life activist, John Jakubczyk.








Please send your favorite pol-parazzi photos to Sonoran Alliance.

Are You Following “The Burg?”

Most conservatives are ardent followers of Fox’s award-winning, suspense-filled, high-tech, politico drama, 24 starring, Jack Bauer.

But did you know that the Valley of the Sun has its own political news drama featuring just-short-of-cult-level-status, newsman and social observer, Jim Burgundy?

It’s called The Burgundy Channel and it features the latest political news with a twist of conservatism and good-sense dash of humor. It’s chief guru/creator, Jason Rose, has now produced four episodes of the show, the first one having debuted right here on Sonoran Alliance back in February.

So if you haven’t been following the Burg and need to get caught up on episodes like one of those newly-addicted 24  addicts rushing out to the nearest Blockbusters to pick up previous seasons, we’ve made it easy and here’s your opportunity to catch up.

Burgundy pokes fun at many a local politico including such notables as Jake Logan, Sean Noble, Len Munsil, Andrew Thomas and of course, the “long, lanky and lovely,” Darcy Olsen.

We’ve made it easy to watch episodes 2-4. but once you’re hooked, stay tuned for episode 5, which I’ve been told is due to be released any time now. Who knows. Maybe Burgundy will even get a shout out to SA’s very own Chewie Shofir?

Doctored photo of Governor Brewer inappropriate

Our jaw dropped when we saw this doctored photo of Governor Brewer posted on Blog for Arizona two days ago (at the bottom of this post). We’re not accusing that blogger of modifying it, but somebody obviously did. You can tell just by looking at the hair, which has been tinted an awful greenish color completely unlike her other pictures. Her skin color has been adjusted to exaggerate coloration differences in order to emphasize her wrinkles more. There’s a neat little feature in image editing programs known as “sharpen” which helpfully augments lines and dark colors.  It’s sad that someone has stooped to a level that low to doctor an official’s picture to make them look older and less attractive. To show you what they did to her photo (we could not find the original on the web so we’ve posted it next to a picture taken yesterday at the Obama visit), we did some doctoring to one of Barack Obama’s photos. We aren’t as talented as distorting it as the Brewer graphic artist is, but you get the picture, it’s the photo with rainbow background on the right.

Doctored photo of Governor Brewer

Editors’s Note: Perhaps this photo of Obamessiah would be more appropriate.

Bittner, DeRose Wed

Congratulations to Emily Bittner and Chris DeRose on their recent marriage! (EVT article)

Sonoran Alliance first noted Arizona’s politically “odd-couple” some time ago during our debut of a featured called Pol-parazzi.

DeRose, an GOP activist and former house candidate (LD17) and Bittner, the Arizona Democratic spokeswoman, met at Nixon’s at the Camelback Esplanade during one of its fine political get-togethers.

While the couple will continue their respective activist roles on each side of the political fence, we expect the Bittner-DeRose team to reach across the aisle and provide bi-partisan insight to Arizona politics.

Congratulations Emily and Chris! We wish you the best!