Carolyn Allen to Head Senate Health Committee

Pro-life advocates have to be pretty upset with the recent assignment of Senator Carolyn Allen as Chairman of the Senate Health Committee.

President of the Senate, Bob Burns, appointed the long-time pro-abortion advocate to the committee as part of the rearrangement of committees.

Allen has stood in the way of many pro-life bills including even reasonable legislation as Parental Consent and Informed Consent.

With Napolitano to depart the 9th Floor and Jan Brewer readying to step in as Governor, pro-life legislation should find little resistance in passing during the next legislative session.

The only person standing in the way will be Senator Carolyn Allen.


  1. Don’t worry. Past Senate Presidents have simply assigned abortion-related bills to other committees like Family Services or Public Safety and Human Services. It’s very simple for the President to bypass any committee he wants. That’s how, in the past, the Legislature passed numerous pro-life bills only to have them vetoed by the Governor. I’m sure this session will be the same, except hopefully they will stand a chance once they make it to the Governor’s desk.

  2. Lois Earley says

    Carolyn Allen also wants to change Arizona’s mental health law which currently states that Arizona shall provide mental health care to it’s residents to Arizona MAY provide mental health care to it’s residents overturning a lawsuit that began requiring treatment of our most vulnerable citizens back in 1981. I have a 23 year old daughter that has been receiving services since 2004. If she gets such awful care when the standards are high, what kind of care will she get if the standards are low? What I want to know is how this lady got voted into office in the first place.

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