Carolyn Allen Endorses Don Goldwater

The Arizona Capitol Times Yellow Sheets is reporting that State Senator Carolyn Allen has endorsed Don Goldwater.

I have warned my conservative pro-life colleagues about deals being cut. Here’s the proof of one that should worry conservatives.

I now ask you to join me in supporting Len Munsil for Governor.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So since you “warned us”, perhaps you could be more specific? What deal was cut?

    Or is this one of those Munsil smear by suggestion deals?

    You can be sure Allen doesn’t love Goldwater, she just hates Munsil… Now ordinarily that would be enough reason to love Munsil… But he lost me and plenty of others when he broke his word and attacked Goldwater after signing a pledge not to… If they’ll lie about the little things, how can you trust them on the big things?

    When conservatives like Thayer Verschoor and Russell Pearce have also endorsed Goldwater, what is that proof of? Has Goldwater cut a deal with the right? Oh my… Do tell, because as near as I can tell, you didn’t post when rock-solid conservatives endorsed Goldwater…

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Let me see if I can get this right. Len’s campaign pays Nathan Sproul over $33,000. Nathan endorses Carolyn Allen. Carolyn endorses Don Goldwater.

    I’m confused.

  3. Yes, confusion abounds with the exception of knowing where at least one of the candidates stand.

    Until last year, Goldwater defined himself as “pro-choice.” Now either the man has had a conversion experience which would be great by me or he’s being politically expedient.

    Seems to me that the main reason why conservatives have thrown their support behind Goldwater is one reason – the name.

    Having a high profile name is a pretty damn shallow reason for me to vote for someone – definitely not my modus operandi.

    I’ve been in the pro-life movement a long time – a lot longer than a lot of the people who write or read this blog. I’ve seen a lot of schnookering going on and I’m not going to be fooled again. Fife Symington and Jane Hull both made me very nervous and of course we saw the results of having someone who played politics with the life issue. At least Symington came around to our side after he found out who is friends were after the “Chamber” folks left to hang out to dry.

    Don Goldwater makes me very nervous. His past statements should give anyone reason for concern. His shallow public policy experience is eclipsed by the years of experience manifested by Len Munsil as an advocate for the family on both cultural and fiscal issues.

    Finally, after being burned by the Goldwater family not once but many times on cultural issues, I’m not willing to stay quiet and let a name continue to take advantage of voters.

    Don’t get me wrong. I really want to give Don Goldwater the benefit of the doubt on his conversion to cultural conservatism. However, in this Primary race, I have to support the person who has demonstrated year after year that he is committed to strengthening the family, society and State of Arizona on cultural and fiscal issues.

    Len Munsil will always have my support.

  4. District 8 Goldwater supporter says

    Don Goldwater oesn’t makes me the least bit nervous. Which is why I’m happy to join Senator Allen in supporting him.

    I had to smile when I read in the paper this AM that Don would be getting his check for $450,000+ from Clean Elections on Tuesday.

    That infusion of cash has to make the Munsil folks a bit worried. They are trailing Goldwater a little over a week out and now he has the cash to build on his uncle’s name.

    On another note….I was surprised that no one on the Sonoran front has made a comment on the front page Munsil story. It had the look and feel of something Constantine would do….make a few well placed phony push poll calls and see if you can work up some sympathy for your candidate.

  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    Not all conservatives are supporting Goldwater because of his name. Some people think Munsil has run a s**k-a** campaign.

    The real break for pro-life will come when Roe v. Wade is overturned. There are 2 offices that influence that. The President and U.S. Senator. Governor can be important but not decisive. Goldwater would still be a huge improvement over Janet on the life issue.

    Len has run a scripted and cautious campaign. It will take more action to unseat Janet. Some believe shoot from the hip Don has a better chance then calm and careful Len.

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    Goldwater supporter

    Sonoran Alliance has been working very hard to cover the Governor’s race. See the comments from yesterday.

    Sorry that we did not cover the news on Len. Some of us had to work this morning and had other articles in the hopper. The news of Len’s fall was an interesting story. I guess he is not the only campaign that knows how to go negative.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Hey DSW, thanks for the long post… But you were asked specifically “what deal was cut”?

    You said you warned us that a deal was cut…

    We’re still waiting…

    And why does “Goldwater Supporter” think that Nathan Sproul, Chris Baker and Constantine are all working with Len Munsil? I can only find Nathan Sproul’s name on Munsil’s filings?

  8. Carolyn Allen needs some of the immigraniac vote since she is so weak on the issue. (See my earlier post, (Allen’s Houskeeper, “Sofia”). She things that if she buddies up to Don Goldwater, through association, she can pull some of those votes from Colette. I also think that Carolyn thiks Don will win and she thinks jumping on his bandwagon will help her.

    Don needs some of the “pro-choice” women back in his camp because after all, like his great Uncle Barry, he needs that pro-choice Republican women vote. As far as I know Don hasn’t told Carolyn Allen, “Thanks but no thanks, Carolyn.”

  9. I’m enjoying listening to Munsil being labeled “calm and cautious.” For 20 years he has been regarded as a controversial, lightning rod figure. I guess it takes an absolute blowhard to make Munsil look calm. Or perhaps has Munsil’s controversial persona been a media invention?

    Munsil’s campaign has been working under the radar, mobilizing a grassroots army, and I just don’t see Don’s last minute cash infusion making up the difference. In a low turnout primary, voter contact and mobilization is key, and Don just hasn’t been doing it.

    And “Truth Squad”- Munsil’s mailer regarding Goldwater was 100 factual and backed up with
    quotes. If candidates are unable to point out legitimate differences in experience and credibility, we might as well be back in junior high running for student government. Seems like the Goldwater camp wants that kind of campaign, possibly because all the issues benefit Munsil.

    PS- Goldwater immediately put out a pamphlet accusing Munsil of lying about him. From where I stand, that is the first instance of an “attack” in this campaign. Munsil points out Goldwater’s lack of experience and credibility, and Goldwater calls Munsil’s integrity into question. Who attacked who?

  10. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I bet Munsil’s folks are working hard, and no one should underestimate them… Especially in a very low-turnout election…

    But sorry Josh, Len calling Goldwater “Janet’s Director of Special Events” is like calling every employee in the State Treasurer’s office “Janet’s Accountant”… You can only shade the truth so far before it becomes a lie. I know Len and I imagine that he knew it was wrong before he did it, but bad advice and too much ambition is a bad mix. Incidentally, Goldwater was hired to his position by a Republican governor, not even by Janet… You claim that every claim was backed up by a quote? The only quotes backing that up were the quotation marks Len put around the lie. Putting quotes around a lie doesn’t make it the truth…

    Now obey the speed limits, ’cause you wouldn’t want a DPS officer to pull you over. Or as Len Munsil calls him, “Janet’s Personal Security Guard”…

  11. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Okay DSW, I think I get your theory of why Carolyn Allen did it, although you left out the fact that she hates Munsil worse than Rosati…

    But you still haven’t told us what “deal was cut”!

    Perhaps now is the time to simply say that no deal was cut? Then I can quit picking on you and go back to “Goldwater Supporter”!

  12. Don worked in the Napolitano administration as the director of special events. I’m fine with him working for Hull, but if he has such a problem with Napolitano he should have left the job, which he freely admitted at a forum involved “wiring her office for sound,” when she got elected. The truth is, Don has no qualifications for the job of governor. The job he performed in Janet’s administration was admittedly menial, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t there.

    Whatever you say about Munsil’s mailer, he never attacked Goldwater’s integrity. Goldwater called Munsil a liar. I think Don broke the 11th Commandment, not Munsil.

    Also, if Munsil’s “special events coordinator” comment was false, how come Don completely ignored it, while focusing on the pro-life issue?

  13. And you can’t tell me Janet won’t use the fact that she was Don’s last employer against him if he wins the primary. She will try to use lack of qualifications against any of the potential GOP challengers, so why give her the easiest target?

  14. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Sorry Josh, but that’s kind of the whole point… Don wasn’t in the “Napolitano administration” anymore than any other department head in any state office building. Once Napolitano took over, she appointed Betsey Bayless to her position, which sits over Don’s… Bayless, as a senior official and a Napolitano appointee could fairly be called a member of Napolitano’s administration. Don cannot… An inconvenient truth for Len’s mailer and your argument, but still a truth…

    As to the issue of pro-life or not, there are way too many good pro-lifers working on Don’s campaign for me to worry about it. Legislators like Russell Pearce, Jerry Weiers, Judy Burges, Rick Murphy and the rest don’t work for those who are not pro-life. Even Arizona Right to Life acknowledged Don’s pro-life positions. That’s no knock on Len, who got their endorsement and who, by virtue of his lifetime effort, deserved it. But Don is still pro-life and Len’s claims to the contrary are not correct. Even John Huppenthal, who ran against Goldwater way back when, has said that he never heard Goldwater say he was pro-choice and that the issue of abortion simply wasn’t an issue in their contest.

    I’m just of the opinion that the race would be better if they kept their focus on beating Janet. If they want to debate who has the better plan for immigration or tax cuts, or improving our schools, that would be fine. But when you sign a pledge to run that kind of race and then break that pledge to try to hit another candidate, then you lose standing in my eyes… I understand why you do it politically. You’re behind and you need to catch up. But that’s why most politicians who start from behind don’t sign those pledges. They’re smart enough to know that they’re going to have to break ’em and they don’t want to be called liars…

    As for the notion that Don responding to Len’s charges is the real “attack”, I’m going to disagree with you (surprise!)… If somebody lies about you, or if you think that somebody lies about you, you are allowed to respond… I’m pretty sure the pledge doesn’t apply to you once someone else breaks it. Your logic dictates that Hezbollah didn’t break the truce, Israel did by firing back… I’m gonna say noooooo…

    14 Posts! Shane, what have you started here!

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