Canary Dies at MCRC Meeting

Conservatives Win Broad Victory at Maricopa County GOP Convention

After the LD11 elections in November, the local media speculated that the conservative base of the Republican Party was in decline, as the defeat of LD11 Chairman Rob Haney was seen as a repudiation of the party’s gradual rightward shift.  For power brokers like lobbyist Kevin DeMenna, LD11 was only the start.  The real fight was going to be at the county and state meetings.  As DeMenna said in a Capitol Times article, “We’re having a grassroots fight for the soul of the party.  The Republican Party has bottomed and we are recovering… (District) 11 is the canary in the mine.”

  Today, the canary died.

Rob Haney, the man whose seeming demise was celebrated by DeMenna, was overwhelmingly elected chairman of the nation’s 4th largest county, and he was joined by a conservative group of fellow officers.  Haney won his election by approximately 130 votes, and he will be joined by current 1st Vice-Chair Diane Ortiz-Parsons and 2nd Vice-Chair Jeff Greenspan.  Joining these three conservatives is Danny Mazza, the new Treasurer of the County and, at 25 years of age, a bright new face for the county and the party.  The last position (Secretary) remains in limbo as the two candidates (Sandy Doty and Kim Owens) tied, with nearly 800 votes apiece.  Their ballots will be recounted and, if a tie remains, they will decide the contest by drawing lots.

How conservative the final board is remains somewhat of a question mark.  Every candidate who spoke at the meeting campaigned as a diehard conservative, but the proof will be in the pudding.  That said, Haney’s convincing victory sends a strong signal that the conservative majority within the county remains engaged in the process and that those who would take the party leftward face a very uphill fight.


  1. Goodyear GOP says

    Okay, that’s funny. But what’s up with this DeMenna guy? He’s supposed to be a Republican? I clicked on his link and I swear he has more pictures of Janet Napolitano than Nappy’s own campaign website. I’m thinking we don’t want to take this guy’s advice on how to “save” the Republican party.

  2. It was a good day overall!

  3. Demenna needs to check his own website. How sad is it that he posts a picture of himself with Nappy AND Obama, then blows Obama’s title AND blows how to spell Obama’s name? Not very professional if you ask me. I mean, the guy’s only the President now, so the title part seems easy enough. And “Barrack”? Geesh.

  4. Sean Noble sure seemed determined to take the party leftward. Glad to see county-wide Republicans repudiate the Noble/Shadegg/Sproul agenda.

  5. Tom Buggeln says


    You might also include Magruder. Flake and McCain into the agenda, i.e. one which sets aside the rule of law for a steady stream of cheap, unskilled labor whose benefits can be transferred to the taxpayer.

    This template was crafted in California and led to the loss of Orange County thus breaking the G.O.P. back in the state.

    One way or another, these “immigrants” will find their way to the voters’ roles and no immigrant group, legal or not, has EVER voted for a party of “small government” for a generation or two.

    Furthermore, as soon as legality is acquired, you can be assured that these workers will be organized thus taking away the present reason for their current existance. But the CofC types, with their short term mentalities revolving around a fast buck a day, haven’t grasped this fact, or if they do, simply don’t give a damn as it will really be dumped on future generations.

    The economic leadership within the G.O.P. has certainly earned, by its local and national thinking process and behavior, the soubriquet: “Stupid Party”!

    Tom Buggeln

  6. Former Chief of Staffs were 0 for 2 that day. I saw Lisa Atkins was supposed to introduce and endorse Brooks as well. Atkins was the old CoS for Rep. Bob Stump back in the day. I guess Brooks figured that the PCs would do as their congressional delegation told them to. Bad plan.

  7. It’s time for the rest of AZ and Republicans throughout the country to realize that trying to be “Democrat Lite” is not a winning formula for us. If we stand on principle we’ve got a half way decent shot at correcting what’s gone wrong with our country, otherwise socialist country now or socialist country a little bit later doesn’t really matter does it?

    Rob Haney and those who stood with him in the face of being told to do otherwise proved it can be done. We may still lose our once-great country but let’s do so fighting, not with a whimper.

  8. Jan Brewer, at the meeting, reminded Republicans of Lincoln’s saying, “A house divided against its self cannot stand.” in a plea for unity. She should have gone back farther to Lincoln’s speech at Copper Union in NYC. In this speech Lincoln went back to founding principles of the US, principles that don’t change over time, conservative principles. Lincoln opposed unity for unity’s sake.

  9. Excellent post Merle!

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    Rob Haney, the man whose seeming demise was celebrated by Nathan Sproul …


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