Can someone please get Emily Bittner a calendar.


     The Arizona Democratic party has a hit piece video on You Tube slamming Tim Bee. At first I thought is was pretty devastating. After watching it a second time I realized that it is completely void of substance. Then I noticed that it is incorrect. The screen shot above says Steve Forbes ran in 2004. He ran in 1996 and in 2000, not 2004. It is not a huge issue but when you are attacking someone it helps to get your facts straight. If they got such a simple fact wrong where else did they error?

     Why is it such a big deal that Bee had a fundraiser in Phoenix when Giffords does the same thing?


  1. The video has already been removed from youtube, and your observation that it has no substance is accurate. The ad will cause no harm.

    It’s not a big deal that Bee had a fund raiser with Forbes. Giffords will do exactly the same thing with Robert Reich and other high ranking pals.

    Obviously my vote is not in play, but Bee’s meeting with Rove (who scares Satan himself) is potentially problematic as is associating with Norquist. Both are linked to everything terrible in the GOP.

    The January 26 piece about Bee and Rove is not a good thing for Bee.

  2. Oh, one more item (hate when this happens). You are also correct that it is no big deal for either candidate to do something in Phoenix, or Flagstaff, or DC, or flipping Wichita. For all I care, they can go Tibet and drink tea with the Dalai Lama.

  3. Kralmajales says

    I think the last part of your post is only relevant because some in his campaign had bashed Giffords for doing it.

  4. Not only did the person posting this pathetic try at a hit miss the date by four or eight years, but you may recall that Steve Forbes actually WON the Arizona primary in 1996.

    As for Rove and Norquist, I hate to tell ya but nobody gives a rats patootie over who you talk to about much of anything unless you panic and lie about it.


  5. It’s not a big deal that Bee had a fundraiser with Forbes, but it’s hilarious.

    It’s like Jerry Lewis bringing Charlie Callas on for the Labor Day telethon.

  6. SA is Democrat safe zone says

    With all the posts from SA obviously trying to side swipe Bee and McCain no wonder the dems are all over commenting on this Blog..
    I guess the term “alliance” in the title is appropriate…this blog has formed an alliance with the Dems against our own candidates and Republican community. If you have so many issues with your party and our elected’s why not change your registration ?

  7. kralmajales says

    hey Dem Safe Zone,

    Maybe it has something to do with Bee presiding over the legislature and also presiding over the worst fiscal crisis in Arizona history. Before some blame it on the gov…remember…he was the one that supported HER package.

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