Can He Deliver?

Here is a snapshot of the Drudge Report listing the new promises as outlined in President Obama’s speech tonight.

The big question in all of this is can he deliver?

I was also under the impression that the new administration was going to de-militarize? Did I misunderstand or is this President attempting to duplicate what Ronald Reagan did with the 600-ship fleet?

Now I know that the finest researchers have been working on a cure for cancer for decades so what makes President believe that a cure can be found within the next few years?

More money for the banks? Who would have imagined!

Universal education through college? Maybe I’ll finally be able to go to law school?

Universal health care? Here comes 1993 all over again!


  1. Yes he can.

  2. James Davidson says

    He can and will deliver on one of them: The bank bailout will cost more than has been said so far.

    Rachel Maddow kept focusing on a line of the President’s, that a kid who fails at school fails not only himself but also his country. Now, no one wants to see a kid screw up, but we have individual freedom in this country. That comment has a whiff of fascism to it that has not heard from a president since FDR’s Blue-Eagle led NRA marches.

  3. RE: Cancer


    If we find cancer early, we get an 80% survival rate

    If we find cancer late, we get a 10% survival rate.

    566,000 people will die of cancer this year.

    Richard Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971, and since 1975 the overall mortality rate from cancer has fallen by 8% — while during that same time period, deaths by heart disease fell by 60%…

    The pharmaceutical industry spends $8 BILLION per year on cancer research; Susan G. Kormen Foundation spent %180 million in 2007; the Michael Milkken Prostate Cancer Foundation spends about %14 million a year — all of these monies spent on drugs and late-stage treatment…. now go read the first two lines…

    Even the National Cancer Institute only spends about 8% (less than $400 million)of it’s budget on detection and diagnosis..

    I hope more emphasis is placed on early detection and early diagnosis — the numbers clearly indicate that will produce the most results, and save the most lives.

    Want more info?

    Go to:

  4. No HE CANT

  5. Antifederalist says

    Obama’s best one-liner of the night: “I’m not a fan of big government.” Or really SNObama? Can you point to ANY reductions in government AT ALL in ANY of your words or deeds since the beginning of your elected career? I don’t think so. You can talk all you want about cutting the deficit in half (big whoop!), but until I SEE appropriations bills that actually result in budget and program cuts, I’ll NEVER believe your lies. Besides, even if you cut the deficit in half, it’s STILL deficit spending which requires MORE DEBT! When you’re ready to get serious SNObama, come talk to me about a BALANCED budget THIS YEAR IN ADDITION to DEBT REDUCTION…you remember, that $10 Trillion the moderate neo-cons borrowed? You do that, Mr. SNObama, then you might have some credibility. Until then, only tools would believe that he’s gonna cut taxes, bail out the banks, stimulate the economy AND reduce deficit spending. Anyone who believes that pack of lies should have their right to vote taken away from them.

  6. Methinks the “laffer” line of the night was when Obama said he was going to reduce the deficit by 50%…. all the while talking about the expensive new programs he’s going to implement.

    Um, Mr. President…. Methinks that addition is NOT the same as subtraction.

  7. He’s the Messiah. He can do anything. Just read the NYT. You’ll see.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    stronger military, jobs for everyone, medical care for all … Hmmm… sounds like Obama’s 5-Year Great Leap Forward.

    Didn’t work for Mao, won’t work for the Obamanation.

    its just more BO2BSUS, he’s been taking himself too seriously. next he’ll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…

    Look! Up in the Sky! Its a bird! Its a plane! No, its Obama!

    ps: we’ll be out of Iraq by 8/2010 … and into Iran by that Christmas!

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    Just in case no one noticed … we’re sending 17,000 MORE troops to Afganistan, oh and the “withdrawal” from Iraq does not include 50,000 troops left behind.

    Can Obama ever give a straight answer without crossing his fingers behind his back? He’s leaving 67,000 troops on the table.

    How about it Grayson?

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